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The Rise of Online Roulette During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in some way or another. In terms of the gambling industry, the period when major sporting fixtures were postponed has been good news for the providers of casino games, particularly online roulette.

March saw a large number of sporting leagues around the world suspended. Gamblers were used to placing bets on everything from football to basketball. Suddenly, the number of events available shrunk like never before. It was online roulette to the rescue.

The number of searches for online casinos swiftly began to rise. The pandemic couldn’t affect online roulette so the number of players trying their luck on the game suddenly increased. The months that followed saw people spending much more time at home. It was perhaps inevitable then, that some of the extra time on their hands was going to be spent at online gambling sites.

For some players, this was their first taste of online roulette. Inexperienced players may just think it’s a case of choosing a number (probably their ‘lucky’ one), betting on it and then hoping it is a winner. Those who are a bit more experienced than that will be quick to point out there’s more to roulette than that. Thankfully, there are some great sites that can help you with ways to win, if you try these successful roulette strategies then your profits may well be on the increase.

The wonderfully named Flutter Entertainment reported a 15% rise in online gambling revenue as lockdown began in mid-March. For online gambling companies, the increased revenues from online roulette and other casino games was vitally important.

The way the online gambling sites marketed themselves began to change. All those betting promotions aimed at sport were adapted to ones for the casino. The attractive casino welcome offers suddenly received far more publicity.

There were still some football games being played but interest in Belarus didn’t quite hit English Premier levels. Companies needed those roulette wheels to be spinning more to make up for the loss of sports betting.

It wasn’t just those used to betting on sport that began playing online roulette more. Those used to head down to their local casinos had nowhere to go as their doors temporarily shut. Wanting to continue playing roulette, they indulged more in the online variety.

Often those who have been playing in bricks and mortar casinos for years have been reluctant to go online. They prefer the real experience and being among others rather than sat in front of their laptop. The emergence of online live casinos has helped though. They have live dealers that you can interact with. Playing in these gives players an experience close to their usual fare.

Will the rise of online roulette continue? That remains to be seen with players likely to be eager to venture out when the casinos re-open. If that does happen, then the online roulette boom may well come to an end. An interesting time lies ahead.