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The Top-10 List of the Best Jobs Without a Degree

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Many people still believe that a college education is a must for everyone who wants to build a successful career and earn a good salary. Yet, today’s reality has changed. To prove that, here is a selection of jobs that do not require any college degree and allow getting hefty income.

  1. Real estate agent. Such a position involves helping others find, buy, rent, or sell apartments and houses.
  2. Copy trader. It is one of the best jobs without a degree, especially for those who are intrigued by the idea of earning from investments but lack free time to learn how that works. This sphere does not require a degree, but profound self-education is a need. However, in the case of copy trading, you are not supposed to make any decisions on your own, instead, you just register with a copy trading broker, for example, eToro or RoboForex, choose a professional trader with an excellent record and subscribe to him. That means your account will automatically copy his trades, and you will earn from them without trading on your own.
  3. Stock trader. This activity involves buying stocks and holding them for a certain period to sell them in the future when their price goes up. These days, such investors usually work online via platforms like Interactive Brokers.
  4. Dropshipper. It is a kind of businessman that earns from retail trade, but he does not store the goods he sells. Instead, he collaborates with a wholesaler so that he delivers goods ordered to his clients for a certain commission.
  5. Influencer. It is one of the most demanded jobs nowadays. These are bloggers or famous people who run their own social media profiles and publish advertisements ordered by other businessmen and companies for a heavy fee.
  6. Tutor. If you can boast advanced knowledge of some school subject or, maybe, skills of playing a musical instrument, you can monetize them by offering lessons in person or via the Internet.
  7. Marketer. Such a professional is in charge of promoting brands and companies via diversified digital means, like websites, social networks, search engines, mailouts, ads published on third-party sources, etc.
  8. YouTuber. If you are creative, sociable, and charismatic, there are great chances that you will manage to easily attract viewers and make money from both monetization by the platform itself and outside ads.
  9. Small businessman. In practice, you can turn any passion of yours into a small business: from painting and handmade to cooking and gardening.
  10. Web designer. If you are well familiar with HTML and CSS, you can take a specialized course and start earning from creating good-looking and fully-functional interfaces for online sources.

In sum, even if you do not have a college degree, you can still count on a well-paid job and ensure a comfortable life for your family ― see our list above.