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Why Has CS:GO Remain a Pivot of the Esports FPS Community

If there is one game that truly sticks out in the first-person shooter (FPS) world, that is CS:GO. Even though, there are many great games out there, still believes that Counter-Strike is the defining first-person shooter of our time. Now, the evidence to support this claim is pretty strong.

After all, you have games that are built in a manner that tries to emulate CS:GO. While some choose to provide gamers with more choice and include awesome abilities into the gameplay, such as skills, and super-human powers, at the core level, all are trying to be more like CS:GO.

But what does this mean exactly? What is it to make a game that is more like Counter-Strike on its basic level? It means that you want to see that every element of the gameplay can be controlled by human skill.

Players these days are very happy to play casually, but they do want to feel like they are in control. Counter-Strike has built a game that is great if you are trying to compete or just kickback and fall behind your team to try and secure a game objective all the same.

While the Call of Duty franchise is arguably “more successful,” it’s plagued by hackers. Counter-Strike has no such issues and that is a normal thing, because the creators have had years to make sure that anyone trying to cheat would be faced with some pretty serious consequences.

With this in mind, the Counter-Strike community is truly one of a kind. It has been able to create a game that is the golden standard for anything that happens in competitive FPS gaming. Yes, some players have moved away to Apex Legends and Valorant, arguing that those games were just like CS:GO, but adding another level of engagement and fresh opportunities to explore.

Then again, even those players have started coming back to CS:GO again. The community (CS:GO, that is) has not experienced an end-of-the-gameplay scenario where a mass exodus was said to have left the game without any active player base.

If anything, the CS:GO community is going up and more people are playing despite the many other options they have on their hands. The reason for this is the constant improvement of the game that allows (usually) very little room for frustration, which is precisely what we expect from CS:GO.