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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Online Casino Software – Gambling Software Explained (2021)

The online casino industry is experiencing exponential growth over the last couple of years. While COVID pandemics certainly caused that steady growth to continue, because many gamblers who didn’t even consider playing online before started doing it during the quarantine time, the engine behind that growth is online casino software. The improvement in graphics, interface, and features compared to the early 21st century is evident and massive, so it is not strange that online slots and other casino games look almost like video games in 2021. 

The best casino websites are running the best casino software and in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about it, how it works, and we will cover some of the best casino software providers as well.

How Online Casino Software Works

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to playing online casino games is that the software running it is “rigged”. That conspiracy theory is based on the idea that in the past casino and slot machine owners could easily manipulate mechanical slots and other machines, and that with computer technology it is even easier and without any trace.

However, the truth is that gambling was never safer and fairer. The online gambling software is based on the random numbers generator. In a nutshell, it is a computer program, which is constantly producing random strings of numbers, without any pattern. After that, it is translated to outcomes such as which card is dealt next, or which symbols appear in the slot.

Another thing that is also very important for debunking that theory is that most of the casinos use the third-party software, and they are not developing their own. It was different 20 years ago, and today there are still some casinos with their own software, but it is definitely a minority. So, if you have trust issues, just don’t gamble at those casinos, and use only casinos that are running the best and most reliable software, and you will be just fine. Alternatively, you can have your own casino game software setup with the help of developers like Aria Casino Software Solutions to build a custom casino software for you.

The Effects of Online Casino Software

We already explained what online casino software in its nature is, and how it works. Its effects on the game are massive and help the development of even more sophisticated games. The most notable effect of online casino software on a casino game is that they even the odds. Every game can be tested now and you can see the RTP (Return to player) and decide which game you want to play based on that.

RTP should be transparent, and every major casino and online casino games provider states it clearly in the description. However, you should be careful about it – RTP is calculated on thousands, maybe even a million repetitions (spins), so your result in much shorter sessions of only a few tens, or a hundred spins, might be very different.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence finding their place in the gambling industry, casino software developers can use user experience to further enhance and revolutionize the software.

There is rapid improvement in the interface, all thanks to the insight that developers now have about the user behavior. Screen size, buttons, and all other elements are customized according to the user’s liking.

Payment processing is also run by gambling software, naturally. It has to provide the safest possible environment for secure and fast payment transactions.

Types of Casino Software

Maybe you are not aware of this, or you never paid attention to this, but there are actually several types of online casino software that work fundamentally differently.

The download casino software is the relict of some other times. Basically, you must download the software to unlock all the options in the game you want to play. It is only compatible with Windows operating system running on PC, so this is not an option for many.

Instant play software is much more common, and we will say, better. You just play in your browser, and you can access the game from anywhere, using the PC, tablets, or smartphones. The only issue with this is the fact that many casino game providers created their game in Flash, which is no longer supported. Many developers switched to HTML 5 in the meantime and we recommend using the games based on that technology, so you can avoid all potential issues with older technologies and games, such as getting voided.

Mobile app software is becoming a trend – more and more casinos are developing apps exclusively for mobile devices. You can download them from official stores, and they are doing this to ensure the user stays within their network, without leaving the site and going to their competitors.

The Most Famous Gambling Software Providers

In the gambling market there is always room for more gambling software providers, but some of the most famous, and the oldest ones, are still at the top and used by most online casinos.

Microgaming is one of the first big companies that specialized in online gambling. They are around since 1994 when they opened their first casino. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they are certainly a go-to source for online gambling software. Microgaming developed almost a thousand casino games over the years, and they also operate as a poker network. They know how important it is to stay ahead of their ever-growing competition, and they are constantly updating and releasing new games, to keep pace with modern trends.

NetEnt is another veteran of the industry, founded in 1996. They are mainly focused on creating online slots, and over the years, they created many of the best playing and most popular video slots, including Starburst, currently the number one slot in the world. NetEnt also offers tables and live games. At the end of 2020, Evolution started a total integration with NetEnt and we are very excited to see the effect of that integration on the gambling industry as a whole.

Playtech is a bit younger than these two giants but still founded in the 20th century – 1999. Playtech is a jack of all trades – they offer poker rooms, bingo halls, work with both sportsbooks and online casinos. The most exciting thing about Playtech is their offer of licensed slot titles, such as the ones based on Marvel comics and movies. Their poker network, iPoker, is one of the most popular in the UK. Sadly, this amazing software is not available to US players.


The online casino software is constantly improving, and it is already using machine learning and artificial intelligence to further enhance user interface and experience. Online casino games, especially online slots, will probably move towards blending with video games, with even better graphics, story, and replayability, which was a problem for basic fruit and Egypt theme slots in the past.

It seems that the gambling software providers are focused mainly on the younger audience, currently in their 20s and 30s, and that a new generation of online gamblers, with their specific demands, will reshape the gambling industry as a whole.

With further improvements and more releases from an ever-growing base of online casino games providers, we are definitely in the most exciting era of the online gambling industry.