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Things to Know When Setting Up a TeamSpeak Server

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Communication is critical when you’re gaming with other people. Many multiplayer games require collaboration and strategy between different individuals, and the communication channel you use can make or break your gameplay.

For gamers, TeamSpeak is a leading service in the industry for in-game communication. It was established in 2002, and because of its outstanding performance, TeamSpeak has maintained a loyal user base. Its service is commendable because it is believed that only a few of the user’s resources are being utilized to ensure that gamers experience optimal performance and speedy stable connection. 

Also, TeamSpeak has a hold on its users’ IP addresses, enabling them to also see who among its users is doing what isn’t right. 

In this article, we will talk about one of the most popular voice-over-internet protocol applications that enable telephone conference calls. More particularly, we will tackle how a TeamSpeak 3 server can be installed on Windows OS. 

Now, for the main agenda. There are only five easy steps for you to follow if you wish to install TeamSpeak 3 on Windows OS. 

  • Verify your Windows Version

Before you download the Teamspeak application, check and confirm your current Window version because there are two different applications for each version which are 32-bit and 64-bit. Go to the Device Specifications and download the version compatible with your device. 

  • Download the Teamspeak Server According to the Compatible Version

After you have checked the version of your windows, choose from the options given and download the one compatible with your device. 

  • File Extraction and Installation

After successfully downloading TeamSpeak, extract all the files and run the installation file. Then you will be presented a license agreement in which you will click agree. From there, your server login credentials, as well as the Server Admin Token, will be generated. Make sure to copy that information as you will need them on the next step.

  • Authorize TeamSpeak 3 Ports

Now that the TeamSpeak icon is available in your taskbar, authorize the ports during the installation to further access the application. 

You will only be needing the Voice, File Transfer, and Server Query raw ports.

  • Connect via TeamSpeak Client

After you have successfully downloaded and installed TeamSpeak, you can now have further access to the application. 

Download the TeamSpeak client according to your Windows version, like the one you did on the second step. 

After, click on the “connections” tab and click connect. You will then enter your VPS IP on the server name or address field. 

Lastly, after gaining access to the TeamSpeak Server as an admin, you will now enter the Privilege Key (which you have noted from the third step) on its designated field. This will change your rank as an “Admin.” Then you are now up and running. 

Final Words

As a gamer, setting up a TeamSpeak server is essential because even if gaming is for leisure, communication between one person and most especially with other users is important. Therefore, no one wouldn’t want an unclear and unstable server that facilitates communication.

Aside from that, when weighing what host to use when setting up a TeamSpeak, always read a reliable review from the different websites you can find on the internet for you to be able to find the most suitable option.