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Title: China Trade Optimism?: Omeed Malik Weighs In

With several years of pertinent experience within both the private, and public finance sector, Farvahar Partners CEO and founder Omeed Malik has become an expert in regard to the complicated global money market. Through the successful establishment of his own boutique merchant bank, Malik has leveraged his impressive array of skills to create fruitful business growth for investment capital recipients within initial stage startups, and later-stage funding alike. Due to Malik’s uniquely qualified status, Farvahar Partners also provides investors with business solutions, banking advisory, and overall guidance throughout all aspects of the working relationship.

As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Malik’s professional history provides him with a unique advantage in understanding the international political activity, and this activity’s effects on the United States’ markets. Thus, in regard to the latest meeting between the United States, and China, Malik shared his unique insights via an on-air appearance on Fox Business on September 5, 2019, reporting that the equity markets love this turn of events, as they have been responding to the fragile China updates on a daily basis.

As a matter of national security, and not merely trade, the current state of affairs should not be able to dictate the security of the United States. Malik warned that the market should not dictate security issues, which is a current concern, along with the concept of reversing over twenty five years of status quo, in terms of foreign policy, which has failed the United States on a long-term basis. In terms of manufacturing, he added that China has now outpaced the United States as the number one manufacturing provider, with a loss of an estimated eight million manufacturing jobs as a result of this loss of manufacturing opportunity within the United States.

When asked to counter the “purists” who question the desire of Americans to hold manufacturing jobs, Omeed Malik responded by reporting that the average worker of yesterday could now be displaced. Going further, he reported that about half of all American workers do not have access to equity markets. Recognizing that Globalists, and international companies may have wanted to perpetuate the status quo in the past, which may have been an effective strategy in previous years, Malik countered that there is now need for different strategies. With the help of the Federal Reserve, and key Washington players, along with the President, these combined forces could have created what Malik referred to as a “transformative regime”.

As the second largest economy in the world, China now requires attention from the United States, as the country sues the World Trade Organization. Many actions on behalf of the United States have historically been placed against China within the World Trade Organization, and won on behalf of the United States. However, the question remains whether or not anything of value is gained if the situation arises annually. According to Malik, China has been able to coast as a “free rider” on the international system that was partially built by the United States, and upheld by the World Trade Organization historically. Over the same period of time that American manufacturing has been disappearing, China has benefited tremendously.

In terms of geopolitics during the Cold War, the United States successfully used China to drive a wedge against the Soviet Union. According to Malik, President Trump’s approach to taking on alleged enemy China is similar in nature, in his desire to create a more positive relationship with Russia. Unfortunately, President Trump has been undermined in doing so by the foreign policy establishment within the United States. By bringing Russia in to this ongoing interaction, in an attempt to counter China, Malik has predicted similar positive results that occurred during the Cold War, with the roles of China and Russia reversed in relation to the United States. As a result of the narrative regarding Russia’s involvement in the Presidential election, however, this involvement appears to be undermined, which Malik considered to be a great disservice in resolving relations. In essence, he describes the ways in which this “silly” narrative has not only prevented the United States from partaking in this power move, but have brought China and Russia closer together.

According to Malik, the fundamentals of the United States economy have continued to be strong, even presently, with fewer talks of recession present. In essence, Malik has wondered if “we are talking ourselves into a recession”. Conversely, he argued that the present timing of the United States’ “fight” with China is precisely the right time for this type of engagement. With China’s continued problems, including the GDP at an all-time low, demographic issues, and the potential for a demand of free-market politics from mainland China’s residents imminent, he argued that China’s fragility has created leverage for the United States to utilize within this ongoing dispute. In closing, Malik steadfastly held on to the sentiment that the United States needs to leverage resources from various departments in a unified manner, in order to look at the “big picture”, instead of being bogged down by the ongoing political tension that creates negative results.

Through many appearances on Fox Business Business, as well as many other news outlets, Malik continues to fervently share his viewpoints with the public, and aims to educate people about the complexities of equity markets, as well as their own options within the United States market economy. Throughout his professional experiences, Malik has garnered a wide array of skill sets, and extensive experiences, which have culminated in his expertise within the broad spectrum of the global finance market.

Born in New Jersey, young Malik excelled throughout his formal education, and recognized the importance of education from a young age. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Colgate University, and went on to further his education post-matriculation. After the completion of his undergraduate degree, Malik earned his Juris Doctor degree from Emory University’s School of Law.

Following the completion of his education, Malik’s first position led him to be a Spokesperson for New Jersey’s former U.S. Representative Donald Payne. Within this highly public role, Malik garnered various valuable interpersonal skills, and gained insight related to the manner in which politics impact the financial world. Upon the completion of this assignment, Malik worked as a corporate lawyer for Weil, Gotshal & Manges, located in New York City. Engaged in both the private and public sector, Malik gained unsurmountable experience within the realm of bankruptcy, private equity, and complicated corporate governance. These standards created the framework for choosing fruitful investments, and developing businesses in a successful manner.

As the Senior Vice President at MF Global, Malik succeeded in recreating the company’s national distribution platform, an impressive feat that was proven successful. In this role, he was able to leverage skills to maintain positive relationships with institutional clients. Following this all-encompassing assignment, Malik became the Managing Director and Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory Business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. With a great amount of specialized experience under his belt, Malik entered this role seamlessly, and was responsible for selecting budding hedge funds for mutually beneficial partnerships. For these acquisitions, he created bespoke financial strategies, and oversaw the allocation of finances throughout each partnership, ensuring successful results on both the short term, and long term basis.

With a growing entrepreneurial spirit, Malik decided to spearhead his vision of creating a boutique merchant bank that provides extensive services to clients that far extend the international norms. Thus, Farvahar Partners was born, with the goal of providing alternative funding solutions to start-ups, as well as established businesses looking for later stage investment. As CEO and Founder, Malik remains deeply ingrained in the daily operations of the business, responsible for the success of each endeavor. Farvahar Partners provides partner capital, liquidity, and other traditional services, in addition to the unique services that make them a one-stop-shop for business institutions. For Malik, the role of CEO allows him to parlay his expertise in a meaningful manner, creating active solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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