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Top 5 Football Streaming Apps for iOS & Android

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With the sharp development of technology, lovers can enjoy football without having to go to the stadium to watch live football matches directly anymore. Alternatively, all you need is stunning football streaming apps to see your favorite teams. But, which are the best apps this year? 

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Top 5 Football Streaming Apps for iOS & Android

For those who might not know, Football Streaming Apps are digital platforms specifically designed for football lovers. With those apps, you can see any team playing on the go. 

The most significant benefit of those services is that you can see the game everywhere (at the house, in parks, offices, etc.) with a click on your mobiles. The specific function makes the modern digital space more and more popular than ever.

Some well-known names you should know to have the best watches are ESPN, SuperSport, or CBS Sports. Let’s scroll down to have more details!


The first digital space on my list is ESPN due to its beautiful design and wide range of functions. For instance, you can see all information related to the game on the app, such as box scores, standings, in-game stats, the last play, and others. 

More importantly, you can see the personalized scoreboard in any game and follow various leagues simultaneously. Some famous events the service provides are the MLB, UEFA Euro, NBL, Tennis, English Premier League, NFL, Rugby, and others.

Plus, there is an additional Lead feature, enabling you to use other apps while still keeping note of the live events. 

However, even the best machine has its downfall. And ESPN is not an exception. Using the app means you may find it relatively complicated in navigation. Also, if your phone runs in Chrome, the streaming supports are not reliable. 

To make up for the opposing sides, the offering from ESPN can be used with all kinds of devices, ranging from Android smartphones to Apple tablets and others. Moreover, the streaming quality is incredibly excellent.

2. SuperSport DSTV

SuperSport is another best streaming app for Android and iOS. Like ESPN, not only can you watch live matches, but you can also see other daily sports news with the media channel. 

Additionally, the app is superbly stable when compared with others. Even if you are watching with such a weak Internet connection, the live game still runs well without interruption.

Some newcomers also reported they use the platform efficiently. They also fancy the online match chats and group chats, which allow them to comment on everything about their favorite tournaments.

On the other hand, once you want to come to space, your subscription to the main DSTV is required. However, when it comes to the app’s advantages, its slight disadvantage pales into insignificance. 

3. CBS Sports

If you are a big fan of physical exercises, you might not be unfamiliar with the CBS channel anymore. Now, to extend their numbers of customers and give more people chances to access the football world, CBS has opened a digital app. 

Due to the app’s root, it is highly rated as high-end application software. You can watch up to eight live matches at the same time on the program.

Other than that, if you are into the sports news or any information about your tournament and players, you can always have access to them simultaneously. 

Furthermore, you can make a watch list that contains all of your favorite teams and sports. Then, whenever the game has new information, you would be the first one alerted. 

On the other side, some users do not like the complex screen navigation. To compensate for the demerit, the CBS company offers an easy connection and free access to various podcasts about popular sports like baseball, golf, basketball, soccer, etc.

4. FuboTV

Next is FuboTV, a popular app for not only soccer but also other sports fans. The platform contains hundreds of live channels, like FOX, ACC Network, ABC, and others. 

The app features a 30 hour DVR space for football matches, allowing you to download any live tournament and watch it later. Besides, they have more than one intelligent device for some, and they want to sync their account to others. FuboTV is the most suitable option.  

By contrast, the app requires a pretty high price compared with others. But, it is worth investing in due to the dedicated navigation, review functions, and the Cloud DVR alike. 

Plus, the US service includes many TV series and films, not only sports.

5. Kayo Sports

Last but not least is the Kayo Sports app. Coming with the app is a 14-day trial before paying for the premium version. That means, whether or not you believe in my reviews, you still can try its merits by yourself. 

More than 50 on-demand and live sports are on the program, namely Rugby, NBL, NBA, International Cricket, etc. Plus, a SplitView feature is provided, enabling you to see up to four matches simultaneously. 

Nevertheless, you might have to wait longer for the application to buffer. 


Above are the five best streaming apps for iOS and Android that every soccer fan should have. In a nutshell, ESPN is the best option due to its friendly interface and many other functions. 

However, if you are unsure about those modern apps and want to try a free platform first, download the Thabet App from for best results!