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Reasons to Study a Quantity Surveyor Course  

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A Quantity Surveyor is someone who works in the construction industry and is an expert in managing the cost and budget of a project. Quantity Surveyors are in demand because they are required at every stage of a project and are needed on every construction job, whether it be a residential housing development, a commercial build of a football stadium or an industrial factory build. In order to work in the industry, you will need to have completed an appropriate Quantity Surveyor course, such as a degree, HNC or diploma. 

What does a typical day for a Quantity Surveyor look like?

According to Property Returns Adelaide you may be working on a range of tasks, including preparing estimates, advising clients, ensuring building regulations are adhered to, managing risks, or planning for cost optimization. You will be largely office based but will also need to travel to site throughout the duration of a project. The nature of your work will also be determined by the type of Quantity Surveying you go into, for example, as a contractor you may be required on site daily, whereas if you work for a private consultancy firm you may be more office based and involved in communication with clients. 

The benefits of a career in Quantity Surveying

  • Many global employment opportunities due to high demand and global shortage
  • Good career progression – Graduate Junior Senior Manager 
  • Chance to work on a variety of projects, not limited to one area
  • Desirable salary – ranging from £25,000 to £80,000 depending on experience
  • Diversity and inclusion – RICS are committed to high standards in the industry
  • Job satisfaction from seeing a project from outset through to completion
  • No two days will be the same, work is wide-ranging 

What qualifications do you need?

Whilst a degree in Quantity Surveying is one route to the role, there are many other avenues available. In fact, employers are facing a shortage of Quantity Surveying graduates, as it is a relatively new discipline in comparison to more traditional subjects like Civil Engineering. One alternative to a degree is an Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying  which will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to enter into the role. Studying for a Quantity Surveyor course online such as this is a great option with many benefits as well as being accredited by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering and the Association of Planning Engineers.     

Reasons to study for a Quantity Surveyor course online

  • Price – An Advanced Diploma is far more cost friendly and will set you back around a tenth of the price of an undergraduate degree. If you would like to enter into the Quantity Surveying industry but are not able to afford a degree, this is a great option
  • Time – If you are eager to get the ball rolling on your new career but are not able to commit to three years of full-time study, fear not! An Advanced Diploma will take two years to complete, part-time, meaning you do not need to put your life on hold for your studies
  • Flexibility – Pursuing a Quantity Surveyor course online can be done alongside a full-time job or other commitments and need not require you to make any drastic lifestyle changes. So, if your excuse to not study is that you can’t afford to stop working, think again!
  • ConvenienceOnline courses are the epitome of convenience. Attend lectures from the comfort of your own home, or from the other side of the world, the choice is yours. Further, you will save time, money, and energy on travel to and from a physical university
  • Covid-19 safe – Learn with peace of mind that your studies or health will not be adversely impacted by sitting in a stuffy classroom alongside your fellow classmates. With online study platforms you are free to interact without the worry of Covid-19
  • Resources – Access some of the best resources in the world at online institutions such as the College of Contract Management. With online study you will not be limited to classes in your local area and may learn from and alongside people from anywhere in the world

Final thoughts

There are so many reasons to study for a Quantity Surveyor course, from a plethora of employment opportunities to job satisfaction and a sought-after salary. If you are wanting to enter into the industry but lack the qualifications or resources to obtain a degree qualification, don’t worry, you will be able to find an alternative Quantity Surveyor course online from a respected institution that will enable you to enter into your new career or further your existing one.