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Why Robot Pool Cleaning Is The Future Of Leisure Maintenance

A swimming pool will not only cool you off during the hot summer days. It can also add value to your property. However, its upkeep is not always a fun activity and will eat up so much of your time. I’m sure you’d rather work on your tan over the weekend than scrub your backyard haven until your back hurts.


Fortunately, you can achieve gleaming clean water without virtually doing anything. And no, you don’t have to hire a professional pool cleaner to do it for you. Investing in the most reliable robotic pool cleaner can surely relieve you of the wearisome task. 

This more budget-friendly option takes leisure maintenance to a new level. You may still need to do a bit of manual cleaning at least once or twice a year. Nevertheless, a robot vacuum can considerably lessen how often you need to do it. Hence, every pool owner should have one.

Let’s take a dive and explore the future of pool maintenance.

Robotic Pool Cleaner: What It’s All About

611376947c719.jpgRobotic pool cleaners are furnished with the latest technology. That’s why in terms of automatic pool cleaners, they are the leaders in the market. Throughout the years, these devices have become much more advanced in comparison to earlier models. This helps deliver dynamic and outstanding results all the time for any pool size and shape.

The electric motor of the equipment produces a suction power that can eliminate debris and trash from your pool. The majority of the models you’ll find out there have rotating brushes for dislodging algae and other stubborn grime. Also, these robots have tracks or wheels that help them maneuver throughout the surfaces of your pool. If you are worried about safety, robotic cleaners use low voltage to power them up. Thus, using them in the water is quite safe.

How Exactly Does It Work?

It works similarly to a manual pool vacuum, wherein it sucks up dirt from the pool surface. Moreover, it has a separate removable filter basket or bag where all debris it sucks up is deposited. You can empty this out afterward.

Most robotic vacuum cleaners have superb mobility, allowing them to easily move around curves and corners. In comparison to other varieties of automatic pool cleaners, these machines employ advanced technology with a wide array of abilities. Hence, the cleaning they produce is far more superior.


The robot’s technology will vary from one brand and model to the next. Price is also another factor that plays a role here. Still, many models feature various modes, allowing you to customize your cleaning to make it suitable to your needs. These modes will depend on the model of your unit. Some of the cleaning modes you can find include quick clean, scheduled cleaning, or for only specific areas of your backyard pool.

Furthermore, robovacs boast sensors for intuitive cleaning. The sensors enable them to detect the waterline, pool shape, and other objects. Some robots even come with extra features. These include a remote control wherein you can start, stop, or move your unit by simply pressing a button. Meanwhile, you can operate some models on your smart gadget via its corresponding app. This gives you the power to manage and control your equipment practically anywhere on the globe.


Advantages Of Robotic Pool Cleaning

Excellent technology

The sensors of these bots can map out your pool. Hence, they will not miss spots or get lost or stuck in the nooks and crannies of your swimming pool.

Time saver

Setting up a robotic pool vacuum is not challenging at all. Once you’ve set up your unit, place it in the water, power it on, and watch the magic happen. Additionally, most models come with remote control and other handy features that let you program your device to your cleaning preference.


If your unit has a corresponding app, you don’t even have to be physically present to set its program. A few clicks on your smartphone or tablet and you can set your robot to clean.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient

The initial investment for a robotic pool cleaner is higher in comparison to other types of pool cleaners. But since they are energy-efficient and deliver efficient cleaning, you will save money on your utility bills down the road.

What’s more, it never gets tired and will only stop once it has taken care of your entire pool.


Your pool robovac operates independently. It will not rely on your pool pump and filtration system to perform its job. Therefore, the filter of your pool will not receive additional strain. Every debris your robot collects will directly go to its own filter bag.

Low maintenance

Aside from ease of operation, you will not have a headache with the upkeep of your robotic pool cleaner. After emptying the filter basket, hose down the outside part until it’s entirely clean.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Some robotic pool cleane611377eed0738.jpgrs wash pool floors and walls, while some only vacuum the pool floors. On the other hand, some models can take care of all of these, including the waterline.

When shopping around for a pool cleaner, you want to get a unit that does a superb job at what you need for it to perform the most. Before buying one, make sure to determine your areas of concern. Doing so can help you find a cleaner suitable for your needs.

With that in mind, here’s a list of factors to consider when looking for the best robotic pool cleaner.

Brushes vs. power washing jets

Robot pool cleaners use brushes, power washing jets, or both. Washing jets are advisable if your swimming pool accumulates bits of dirt, deposits, or sand. Power jets also do a great job on hard-to-reach surfaces.

Material and built

Opt for a high-quality unit with sturdy construction, keeping in mind that the simpler, the better. This will ensure that your robot will be at your service for many years.

Also, a higher price tag does not always mean you are getting quality. If the components of the robot feel flimsy and look cheap, then they probably are.



Choose a cleaner that offers the longest and most comprehensive warranty possible. The highest rated robotic pool vacuums often come with a 2 to 3 years warranty.

So if any issue arises with your device, you will have peace of mind that you are covered. If a part needs replacement or the unit itself, your budget will not suffer a blow. Fixing a robotic pool cleaner’s damaged pump or motor can be a little costly.