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Top 5 YouTube MP3 Downloader Tools

No one has enough time to continuously watch the video as sometimes you can’t pay attention to the screen for a long time. But what if you want to listen to your favorite YouTube song but can’t watch the video for various reasons?

Turning the YouTube video to MP3 is a wonderful idea here, and you can get your job done with the help of the YouTube MP3 Downloader.

Part 1. Is it legal to download YouTube to mp3 on a PC?

If you’re turning the YouTube video into MP3 format for personal purposes, there is no harm in doing that, as you can use the YouTube songs for personal purposes. However, you must refrain from using YouTube songs for commercial purposes as it is completely illegal and unethical.

Part 2. Top 5 YouTube to MP3 Downloader on PC and Mac

2.1 YT Saver YouTube Downloader

You can use the YouTube MP3 Download feature of the YT Saver to download YouTube videos into MP3 or other audio formats. It comes up with an effortless user interface and doesn’t tinker with the quality of the resolution, either.

Besides supporting multiple video formats, YT Saver lets you download video and audio files from 100,000 websites.


  • Download the YouTube content in 20 audio and video formats.
  • Allows you to convert the audio and video from 10000+ online websites
  • Works 10x faster than other tools
  • Download the YouTube videos in multiple resolutions


  • Easy to use 
  • Download the YouTube content without compromising the quality of audio and video.


  • The free version is limited.

2.2 iTubeGo

If you’re looking for a YouTube download MP3, you can aim at the iTubeGo. It is a sensational YouTube MP3 downloader that enables you to download YouTube videos in MP3 format without compromising the audio quality. Apart from downloading the videos into MP3 format, you can download the YouTube videos in original quality.

On top of that, iTubeGo allows you to download videos from 10000+ online websites, including Niconico, Bilibili, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Daily Motion, etc. Apart from allowing you to download the video in the MP3 format, it also allows you to download the YouTube video into various other audio formats.


  • Supports 10, 000 popular websites
  • Download the videos in the OGG, AIFF, FLAC, AAC, and WAV format
  • Helps you to download the video in original quality.
  • Download the lyrics and subtitles from YouTube.


  • Offers a simple user interface
  • Download the YouTube videos and audio for green 
  • Download the YouTube albums, channels, and playlists from the YouTube


  • Paid program

Pricing: $9.95/ Month

2.3 PPTube

Another way to go for the YouTube download MP3 is to look at the PPTube. It is also one of the reliable ways to get YouTube videos downloaded in MP3 format without tinkering with the audio quality.


  • Download the YouTube videos into multiple formats.
  • Convert the YouTube videos to the MP3 format.
  • Supports multiple audio and video formats


  • Comes up with a manageable user interface
  • Download the audio and video files from YouTube


  • The free version comes with limited functions.

Pricing: $9.95

2.4 Wondershare Uniconverter 

You can get your hands on the unique YouTube to MP3 downloader in the shape of the Wonderhshare Uniconverter.

It has sensational features to help you download YouTube videos in multiple video and audio formats. You can convert the videos into 1000+ audio and video formats, and downloading the YouTube content from 10000+ online websites is possible.


  • Fast conversation speed 
  • Download video and audio from popular websites.


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Download the YouTube videos in multiple formats


  • The free version only helps you to convert one YouTube file.

Pricing: $29.99/ Quarter

2.5 Any Video Converter

If you’re fed up with trying the same YouTube downloader to MP3” again and again, you can look at the Any Video Converter. It allows you to select the desired video and audio formats, preferred channels, sample rates, and resolutions.


  • Offers the built-in editor
  • Customize the bitrate and resolution options
  • Convert the YouTube to MP3 quick


  • Supports multiple video and audio formats
  • Compatible with the Mac and Windows


  • It might get cashed while downloading the YouTube video.

Pricing: $39.95

Comparison of the YouTube downloader to MP3 tools.

All the tools listed in this post are reliable ones. For instance, if you look at PPTube, it offers a manageable user interface and provides a monthly package at $9.95. Wonderhshare Uniconverter helps you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format in original quality and will cost you $29.99/ Quarter.

Moreover, Any Video Converter could also be a terrific tool that, besides offering a simple user interface, helps you grab the annual premium of $39.95. YT Saver and iTubeGo have impressed us the most as, apart from offering an effortless user interface, these tools don’t compromise the quality of the video. Moreover, the premium of the YT Saver starts at $9.95, with the iTubeGo asking you to pay $12.95/month.

Part 3. How to Download MP3 from YouTube with YT Saver?

Step 1:

Install the YT Saver and start the program afterward.

Step 2:

Navigate to the YouTube video and copy its URL address.

Step 3: 

Select the MP3 as your destination format. Next, you’ll need to paste the URL to the main interface of the YT Saver.

Step 4:

After downloading the files, you can access them in the ”Downloaded” button. This way, you can download the YouTube videos in MP3 format.


That’s all we’ve had from this guide, which aimed to help you access the best YouTube MP3 downloader. You can look at all the tools in this guide; all the options are worth your attention.

iTubeGo and YT Saver are the two most recommended ways to download YouTube videos to MP3 format.