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How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook

In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Facebook have revolutionized the way we share and connect with others. One popular feature on Facebook is the ability to create captivating slideshows. In this post, we will explore the process of making a Facebook slideshow and discuss the benefits of using this kind of content. Now let’s dive in!

5 Steps to Make a Slideshow

Creating a presentation using the embedded Facebook slideshow maker is a simple and straightforward process. However, the slideshow making feature is not available to some users – you need to have a public account, or Page. Besides, there are many limitations in terms of effects, the number of photos you can add, and the length of your video. If you’d like to have more customization and editing options, make sure to check out other ways to create a slideshow on Facebook. The article will offer you more ways to make a slideshow that anyone can use and give you some useful tips to level up your project.

If you prefer the built-in tools on the platform, read the guide below. Here is how to make a slideshow on Facebook:

Step 1. Open the Slideshow Maker

In the Publishing Tools section, you need to click on the Create Post button. Then select Create a Slideshow to use the built-in Facebook slideshow creator.

Step 2. Upload Your Pictures 

There are slots where you need to insert your images – add up to 10 pictures. The first two or three seconds of a Facebook slideshow contribute significantly to its further popularity, so the first photo is especially important. Make sure you choose a picture that is more likely to catch the viewers’ attention. If you need to crop some of your photos or add text captions, click Edit Photo. 

Step 3. Make Other Changes

At this point, you can make more adjustments: add transition effects, set the slide duration, and so on. A quick note: Facebook slideshows can’t be longer than 15 seconds, so your slides can be from 0.5 to 5 seconds long. You should also change the aspect ratio: choose 1:1 if you prefer square, 16:9 if you prefer rectangle, and 2:3 if you prefer vertical.

Step 4. Save Your Project

To save your slideshow, click on Save and choose Create Slideshow. Now all you need to do is create a new post and hit the Publish button.

Once your post is ready, you can also promote it. To do so, hit the Boost Post button and select the desired audience, budget, and duration. Finally, click on Set Budget and then hit Publish to complete the process.

The Benefits of Using a Facebook Slideshow Maker 

Slideshows are a go-to type of content for social media, especially Facebook. Using slideshows offers several advantages: 

1) Slideshows can provide visual variety – this kind of content can help you break up the monotony of continuous image posts on your Facebook page.

2) Posts with slideshows have bigger storytelling potential. Slideshows enable you to tell a story or showcase a sequence of events, allowing your audience to connect with your narrative.

3) Facebook photo slideshows capture attention and are more engaging than static images – this might be helpful to make your content stand out in the Facebook feed. 

4) Slideshows can be used to promote your brand or products as well. For instance, you can include pictures of your products, showcase their features, or highlight customer reviews.

5) Posts with photo slideshows provide increased reach. Facebook’s algorithm favors video content, giving your slideshow a higher chance of reaching a wider audience. If you want to promote your product, this will also help you increase your brand’s awareness. 

6) Slideshows give you more space for creativity and customization. In the Facebook slideshow maker, there are various customization options such as transitions, text overlays, and music selection, allowing you to showcase your creativity and maintain a consistent brand identity.

7) If you make a slideshow with music on Facebook instead of a simple post with photos, you’ll create something much more engaging – incorporating music into your slideshow adds an extra layer of emotional impact. It will give you more views and followers. 

Final Thoughts 

Creating a slideshow on Facebook allows you to share engaging visual content, tell stories, and reach a wider audience. By utilizing a Facebook slideshow maker, you can unleash your creativity and customize your slideshows to align with your brand’s identity. So, why wait? Start creating captivating Facebook slideshows today and wow your audience with visually stunning content!