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Top Betting Sites for Live Football Streaming

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In these times when we are preferring to stay at home for the sake of public health and social awareness, more than ever we want to watch our favorite sports online. With the European leagues on their most important moment of the season, many people try to find online places to watch the matches.

It was with all this in mind that we separated in this post the main online bookmakers that offer live streaming services of football games and other sports to their users. Most bookmakers that have this feature give you access to it for free, and the most you will have to do is a quick registration on their platform.

Here are the top sites for watching football online:

  • Bet365
  • Sportingbet
  • Betfair TV
  • 1xbet

Before we continue, we would like to thank the author Evelyn Balyton, expert in bookmakers, who helped us in the creation of this content.

Football broadcast live you find on Bet365

You may know Bet365, one of the most famous sites for online sports betting Philippines. In addition to all the diversity of markets that this site has for football events, football fans are also passionate about it for another reason: its live streaming service!

Perhaps Bet365 is one of the sites that has the greatest variety of events being broadcast live. However, the bad detail is that you need to have funds available in account to be able to take advantage of this feature.

Anyhow, you can just make a minimum deposit and keep watching the matches without worrying about betting or spending that money. As long as your account is not moneyless, you can watch the matches.

Watch live matches at Sportingbet

It is difficult to find a sports betting enthusiast who has never placed a bet on Sportingbet, as this is not only one of the first great sports betting sites that we have seen growing in the world, but it also has a number of interesting features and competitive advantages, such as the fact that it offers the possibility to watch several matches live through a totally free video streaming.

The only prerequisite to access live streaming videos on the Sportingbet website is to be logged into your account on the platform. It is not necessary to have an account balance or to have ever deposited on the site.

To access the list of live games, locate the “Watch” window, the first of the windows on the right side of the website. There, we have three icons, the first of which, with a rectangle and a “Play” symbol in the middle, is where we must click to go to the Live Video Stream. Not all events, however, are covered by this option, and it is necessary to consult the schedule of events available by video on the website itself.

Live football streams on Betfair TV

Betfair is a bookmaker with a lot of history and renown all over the world, but they are still growing, investing more efforts and money in the international market. In this way, the website has expanded a lot and has been bringing more and more innovations and highlights, with Betfair TV being a great example of this.

It is a live video streaming service from several sports competitions, completely free. Among the main events that you can watch on Betfair TV are the Serie A of the Brazilian Football, FA Cup, Major League Soccer, and several national competitions from European countries. Betfair TV also offers tennis, basketball, hockey and other sports competitions on its schedule.

While browsing the betting options to choose which will be your choice, look for the live stream icon. This means that the event is or will be broadcast live on Betfair TV. The website also offers a constantly updated list of events that will be broadcast, and the only thing the user needs to do is have an account on the website and be logged in to it.

Access 1XBet to watch live streaming of football

1xBet is undoubtedly the bookmaker with the best live streaming service on our list.

There is a wide variety of events with this feature, without losing quality at any time. Football is the sport with the most live events.

It is possible to follow several leagues around the world, such as the Premier League – from England – and Ligue 1 – from France. In addition to many other sports besides football.

For that, it is only necessary that you register with 1XBet, without the need to have a balance in your account. Logged into your account, just search for the live events on the site and choose which one you want to follow.

Why Choose Betting Sites for Live Streaming?

The 4 bookmakers we recommend are excellent for watching live matches for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Good transmission
  2. No advertising
  3. Computer security

In addition, you can still use the bookmaker’s functions while watching the matches. That is, you can place bets on your favorite teams, or keep track of the game numbers.