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How to Make Time to Write an Essay

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Before we answer that question, let’s get one thing straight: Essay writers don’t find time to write. They make time to write.

We don’t magically stumble upon uninterrupted days when the world stands still and allows us to write essays with continuous inspiration for hours on end. Those times have to be planned or else they will never come to be.

Real writers, those who are serious about the craft and do more than just talk about it, take purposeful action to make words regularly appear on paper or computer screen. The best essay help EssayHelpOnTime emphasizes that it’s not always convenient or easy. In fact, it’s often rather difficult to make time to write an essay, but it can be done.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time

You’ll be waiting forever.

Most writers have to work writing around all the other parts of life. If you wait until the stars align and everything is perfect, you’ll never get any writing done.

You have to learn to take whatever time you have and make the most of it. Maybe you won’t get all the writing done you want to do, but at least you can get something written. Over time, all those little somethings can add up to big pieces of writing.

The only perfect time to write the essay is right now!

Prepare Ahead of Time

If you suddenly find yourself with some leisurely time to write essays, you definitely don’t want to waste it staring at a blank page with no inspiration.

Make it a practice to always have paper and writing utensils, a computer, or some type of recording device handy. That way you can record inspiration as it strikes. Later when you have writing time, you can go back to the thoughts you’ve recorded and develop them. 

Write in the Gaps

You don’t need big blocks of time. Grab the little moments here and there to write a paragraph or a few sentences. Think of all the times you’re idle and use those times for writing. 


-While waiting in doctor’s offices, carpool lines, traffic, or at your child’s sports practice.

-I like to keep paper handy while I’m cooking supper so I can jot notes between boiling and frying.

-As you wind down for bed at night.

-When someone is running late and you’re waiting for them or when you arrive too early and need to kill time.

-While watching TV at night. Better yet, turn off the TV and focus solely on writing.

-While the kids are playing in the sandbox, pool, or in the bathtub and you need to be present to supervise, but not necessarily to interact. 

Get Rid of Distractions

When you do have writing time, use it strictly for writing. Don’t update your social status or check your email or even do research for a future article. Just write even if you wish to get help writing an essay. Spend the entire time committing words to paper or screen.

If you do check social media or email, set a timer and only allow yourself a certain amount of time. Then get back to writing.

Weed out anything that distracts you and keeps you from writing. 

Follow Templates and Routines

You’ll need less writing time if you learn to use routines and templates. Rather than reinventing the wheel for every article or story, adhere to a basic outline or format that works for you. That doesn’t mean that your writing has to be rigid or boring, but it will make you a more efficient essay writer who can pump out finished work a lot faster. 

Set up a system for how you go about writing. For example, if you write articles that require research, decide what you do first and second, and so on. 

1. General online search.
2. Check out library books.
3. Write a rough draft.
4. Polish
5. Publish 

Be the Boss of Your Time

Sometimes the reason you can’t find writing time is that you aren’t managing any of your time well. Your calendar starts bossing you around instead of you taking control of your time and using it wisely and productively. 

Treat It Like a Business

What if you couldn’t pay the bills unless you wrote faithfully and well? Wouldn’t you figure out a way to make writing happen?

Even if you’re not a professional essay writer, tell yourself that you are. Act like writing is your career. Treat writing just like you would any other job. Show up, work hard, focus on the job at hand, and do your best.

If you’ll treat writing like a business, it might reward you like one.

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