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Top Digital Marketing Tips For 2021

In the 21st century, it is extremely important to have a marketing strategy of your own that will help your business grow up rather faster. Gone are the days when billboard ads and pamphlets used to work.

We live in a digital era where you will have to go digital to make people realize that you exist. It is an important step that any businessmen need to take to boost their business; clearly, there is a huge demand for digital communication, which makes it so important.

One of the biggest examples of this is that people are backing out from brick and mortgage and picking up laptops for online shopping. There is no need to head to a digital marketing agency for startups, as this post has all the tips that will help you boost your business.

Here are the digital marketing strategies that will help you:

  • Optimize your website for mobile 

The use of mobile has been on the rise since 2019. It means that your business website needs to be prepared for surge. According to research, people do not prefer buying a product from a brand if they had a poor experience while surfing the website on mobile.

So, you can forget to get any traffic on your website if it is not mobile-friendly. So, the very first marketing ideas to boost the traffic ratio to your website as most of the best website builders use mobile-friendly themes.

  • Research your competitors

It would help if you had a clear idea that what is going into the mind of your competitor is the key to digital marketing that differentiates your business online. Being different will make you stand out, which will lead to more traffic generation on your website.

To find out your competitor’s digital marketing strategy, all you have to do is to perform a quick Google search of the services you are providing. You will get to know about all their strategies and use this to design your differentiators. And you can find out more about Growthoid here.

Use email campaigns 

You will be shocked to know that email marketing returns around $44 for every $1 spent. It is one of the best ways for promotion for digital marketing for startups.

This campaign will help you bring more money and return consumers to your business with the right email; to encourage customers’ visits, set up an automated thank you for customers after they subscribe or make a purchase. Trust me; it is a great strategy of online marketing for small business.

  • Get personal 

If you are thinking about how to market a startup, get personal with them. Yes, you heard that right! Whether you are suggesting similar products, using the customer’s name, or sending the deals that match their location, being personal will attract the customers.

It means that you should use conversational tones whenever possible. Users are most likely to communicate to a human-like message rather than that of a robot, which is why conversational commerce is getting popular and is a key for digital marketing for startups.

  • Use blogs

Blogs are in and are the newest and most successful way for a digital marketing startup. Longer and deeper blog posts generate a 9x success rate and help gain new customers compared to short blogs. 

The average word count for the top-ranking Google post is 1140-1285 words, but only a few companies have a blog of word count over 750 words. It is an important marketing strategy that you must pay attention to.


So, these are some of the digital marketing tips that will help you understand how to promote your business online. So, follow these tips as mentioned above for digital marketing for startups today. Good Luck!