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Top Social Media Consulting Companies in Malaysia

If you’ve thought of engaging an expert in social media it’s the right best time to get started. Consultants in social media are professionals who assist you in getting the social media advertising plan in motion. With their help you can create huge impression on social media through your brand name: 73 percent of marketers believe that their efforts via social media marketing are “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their company. Do you not know where to begin with companies that manage social media? Look over what they do and then read more about our choices of the top 13 options available.

What Can A Consultant in Social Media Expert Do?

Social media consultants assist businesses who wish to increase their social media presence, but aren’t sure where to begin or don’t have time or resources to manage it on their own. They are experts in the art of content strategy and strategy. 

Although every business has distinct list of offerings, generally social media consultants offer services like: Social listening and industry research (finding the opinions of your public is saying about your business or your brand) Creation of profiles on social media as well as branding (kick starting you’re the social networks) Strategy for social media (planning posts, scheduling and analyzing content for various social media channels)

Certain social media consultants concentrate on certain industries or verticals like working with B2B firms or with specialized working with technology brands. Consulting firms for social media typically assign you to an expert who has experience in your particular field. This consultant will know your company’s needs and customers. You’ll then receive a comprehensive plan before the consultant goes to begin work. The consultant will update you with progress reports.

Do You Really Need A Social Media Consultant?

It’s possible that you’re looking to hire an expert in social media If you are aware of the significance of social media for growing your brand but aren’t sure of what to write about. The companies that manage social media have decades of experience creating an online presence for various brands. These companies exist with a purpose: create a brand that is already in place and make it accessible on social media, which exposes you to a brand new market.

Even if you’re skilled in the best social media marketing methods, you might struggle to find the time devote to the social network on a regular, weekly or even every day basis. There’s a lot of work that involves marketing via social media. The process of creating, executing and monitoring digital marketing campaigns is a huge task. outsourcing this task with one of the leading companies for managing social media will save you time and take the burden off your shoulders. All sizes of companies have seen significant advantages by working with a social media consultant.

Most Popular Social Media Consulting Companies

TSMA (The Social Media Agency) collaborates with brands such as Apple, Sag-Aftra, and the American Film Institute to provide an online presence that is in line with the high quality of your company. The consulting firm based in Los Angeles provides:

  • Custom Instagram posts
  • Optimized hashtagging
  • Algorithmic optimization
  • Photo, video and graphic design
  • Influencer giveaways
  • Analytics and understanding

The TSMA’s digital strategy for proactive is based on the science of data and audience analysis however, it is infused with a human touch. The agency is also recognized for its revolutionary Instagram control of accounts.

TSMA has also implemented an Instagram growth strategy that is built on the popularity of celebrity contests and fully in line with Instagram’s guidelines for community members. Due to the success of their growth plan, Kicksta has joined forces with TSMA to offer customers Kicksta Boost. The ‘Boost’ offers you a guarantee of more than 850 real followers that can help increase engagement for your account. Combining the long-term organic growth strategy of Kicksta along with Boost is a highly effective and efficient method of gaining hundreds of new followers each month.

1. FansLeap

FansLeap provides social media consultancy services that help you build your brand and increase engagement by speaking to your customers, not to them. Every client gets a designated social media strategist who will be part of your team to improve your presence on the internet. Services offered:

  • Content writing
  • Video services
  • Graphic design
  • Lead magnets and their creation
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Paid

Inbound consulting

FansLeap is an excellent choice for businesses that require assistance with social media.

2. FollowersBucket

FollowersBucket is a top social media consulting firm that is headquartered within Washington, D.C. FollowersBucket provides advertising, marketing via digital and strategic communication services to businesses ranging from startups to corporations. Specific services offered include everything from infographics and branding to 3D design.

Explore more about their Nigerian Services here:

3. LYFE Marketing

Based in Atlanta, LYFE Marketing is a company based in Atlanta that has produced more than $108,231,120 of client revenues. The company’s social media consulting concentrates on increasing brand recognition, building connections, and increasing site visibility.

You can enjoy services such as:

  • Marketing via social media
  • Social media ads
  • SEO-related services
  • PPC Management services
  • Email marketing services
  • Services for video animation

LYFE collaborates with a range of small and startups producing high-quality content for their business. You’ll be assigned a social media account manager to implement your social media strategy. With your assistance the manager will design an engaging content calendar as well as make monthly reports available for you to read while managing your day-to-day activities as well as growth optimization.

4. Deal Digital

Deal Digital is a San Diego-based digital marketing company which can help you launch your company into the world of social media. Their expert team creates digital ads that grab interest of the intended public and produce the most effective results for the service or product that you provide. Deal Digital maintains access to thousands of influencers on social media who can be easily engaged to increase your following to convert them into customers and increase your brand’s recognition. The services they provide include: