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Top-Three iOS Applications for Meeting and Dating People

It seems that live acquaintances are passing away. Everyone has got a phone by hand. More and more happy couples appear due to special applications designed for meetings, online communication, and fast dates. Today, we are going to tell you about the top-3 applications in this sphere.


Now, even a person who is not familiar with the Internet knows what Tinder is. It has rushed into mass culture instantly. Currently, it holds stable first place as a meeting application in the majority of countries. Though people usually connect this app with profound local search, geographical filters allow many women, including Russian brides, to look for foreign husbands.


  • Very simple in use. The app has a simple interface. It does not require much to register (just being over 18). It does not require much info to fill in. Five minutes after registration, you can start looking for a date.
  • The swiping system allows looking through many variants in a short time.
  • High popularity means more chances for success.
  • Tinder has got many paid options that can boost your profile or get you more matches.


  • Still, the paid options limit the free use. The difference between the free and paid versions is significant. Without payments, the search can be difficult.
  • There is no verification of a user. It means that you can meet fake profiles. Hopefully, there is an option to attach an Instagram account.
  • Many people use Tinder not to find a date but to esteem their social ratings and affinity. It means fewer successful dates.
  • No filters that concern the search for a partner.
  • Nothing can stop a man from writing you and sending you unwanted photos if there is a match.


This application is aimed to ensure the safety of women. It seems it has considered the majority of Tinder failures and eliminated them. Though, it is not as popular as the previous app. So, the search might not be as successful. However, it will be safer and more pleasant.


  • Profiles must be verified before being launched. It means fewer chances to face a fake account.
  • Even if there is a match, a woman is the only one who can write first. It allows her to avoid unwanted attention from big numbers of other men and concentrate on a peculiar partner.
  • Profiles are more detailed, so you can learn more about your partner.
  • More detailed profiles launch search filters, letting you look for exact partners.
  • An app has different kinds of chatting: text, voice, and video chats (for matches).
  • Social network account integration.


  • Not as popular as Tinder.
  • Strict rules might scare off men who look for easy matches and dates. They might prefer Tinder as an easier way.
  • Only 24 or 48 (extension feature) hours to start talking with your match.
  • BFF (matching a person, not a date companion, but the best friend with no intimate intentions) features can be both a plus or a minus. It might be dramatic jeopardy for self-esteem for a man.


It is not a simple dating app but a separate social network for people looking for a date. Besides the customary services (swiping, matching, texting), it has got some unique features. The first one is the news feed, which reflects the last activities of your friendship pool. The second one is the pool of questionnaires aimed to help people understand their feelings. Plus, you can edit your status, sharing vital information with other users.


  • Integration with social network accounts.
  • The esteem of a match is based on shared interests and profile matches.
  • There is no need to quit the app to become invisible.
  • It shows everyone who has visited your profile.
  • The app requires a detailed profile and finishing a questionnaire to register.
  • Free app with minimal advertising.


  • Not popular in some regions.
  • Paid services improve the whole functionality.
  • Some users admit that the design of the website seems to be outdated. It might scare off some new users.
  • There is a big gap between the number of registered men and women. It might be a problem for everyone.

Here are the top three applications for dating in the world. With each of them installed on your iPhone, you can find your love. We suggest trying all of them and then choosing the favorite one.