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Top Tips for Playing NBA 2K21 as a Beginner

Are you new to NBA 2K21? This is a very popular game this year and there are a lot of changes that you should be aware of, especially if you are a fan of the franchise. So, if you want to become a better player on NBA 2K21, we have some top tips that are going to help you achieve this.

Practice with the New Shot Meter

If you are a fan of this series of games then you need to know how to work the new shot meter. It has been changed for NBA 2K21, with no green meter when you take a shot at the hoop. Now, you are going to have to work the Pro Stick or use the shot button and work with a yellow marker. This can be complicated at first and it will take some time to get used to. So, practice on the courts before you start playing for a professional.

Play the MyCareer Introduction

The MyCareer mode on NBA 2K21 is all about having your own player performing for one of the NBA teams. But, before you get to this stage, you can play introduction games that take place before the draft. In other words, you play school and college games. It is recommended that you play these and get practice instead of skipping them. You can get a head start on building your skills and getting used to your player. Of course, if you play well, you are going to have more chances of signing for the team you want to in the draft.

Work Hard to Earn Badges

Something you have to make sure that you do not ignore is the Badges you can earn in NBA 2K21. They can really help you with your own player. Just like when you are betting on NBA games you look at basketball online odds, in order to be a better player, you have to study the Badges. They are going to make your career better and mean that you are better on the court.

Do Not Waste VC

There are a lot of ways you can use VC in the game. But this is going to be a very important currency to use for your player. This is how you can improve their performance and improve their skills. So, play at your best to gain VC and make sure that you use it in the right ways. This is going to help your player perform on the court and make more shots, as well as improve passing and other key moves.

Find Your Shooting Zone

You are going to have to work hard to build up your player and make them better on the court. During this journey, you are going to have favourite shooting zones. Over time, your player is going to become better at hitting good shots. Think about where your player’s ideal shooting zones are and focus on them. This is going to be referred to as their Hot Zones.