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Increasing Mental Cases in America and its Impact 

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“Health is wealth”, but maintaining this wealth and having a winning mentality are far more difficult than protecting a treasure from Robbers. It’s not only words but a fact noticed in increasing health issues globally.

Nowadays, the people approaching the media can easily note the cases of deaths day by day. It all starts from our own choices, junk foods, and technology.

Here the term junk food is not a surprising thing. We all are well aware of things how it affects and alters the health of the sick and spirit-less body. Though after awareness we are not taking notice of our surroundings and not giving up the fast food. 

Effects of Fast food on mental health

Though it damages your body and makes you skinny, it also hurts your mental stability but you can’t notice. The circumstances are going worse and worse in developed countries.

America and other developed countries are mainly targeted by fast-food mental effects. For all those families AAFS is rendering its best but people are not tolerating things. 

According to current health surveys, mental tolerance is mostly captured in adults and children. It led them to become a depression patients and sleepless.

Effects of Technology on Mental Health 

Sometimes minor things leave a massive impact behind but as responsible citizens of America, we are not taking it seriously. Though technology is helping people in their day-to-day duties it’s not as like as we think. 

Now every parent in America is earning and doing jobs but not considering the time and care for their children. This carelessness and ignorance make children living at the edge of technology.

Nowadays, the gaming industry is earning billions. It all happened due to our establishing of technology in children rather than love and care. And technology is causing mental illness.

There is a bundle of cases on the internet in which young boys committed suicide. The reasons behind these cases were not considerable. Like one committed suicide because of being bullied by his friends. He was a loser in the PUBG Mobile game. 

The time is not gone, we must be alarmed about mental illness and its root causes. As a responsible person, we must consult with experts and stops these things from happening around. Because a healthy mind can generate healthy ideas and nations. With a nation having loser soil and sick minds, we can’t become a successful nation and prosperous country in the world.