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Top Tips To Buy Basketball Shoes

For you, basketball isn’t only a sport. Instead, it’s a lifestyle. If you eat, sleep, and live basketball and you are serious about competing in the sport, finding the right shoes is a must. There is a reason basketball sneakers like Nike Jordan 1s as seen on items from supreme are so highly sought after every year. You won’t be able to enjoy yourself and compete at the highest level without having the right shoes.  And knowing about the right shoe helps you see the difference between traditional designs for professional playing and outdoor basketball shoes

Here are some of the key tips you should be using to find and purchase the best basketball shoes.

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One of the main things you want to look at when you are looking to purchase basketball shoes would be to pay attention to the height of the shoe. You want to factor in the height of the top portion of the shoe when buying. You will find the upper portion of shoes to be either low-top, mid-top, or high-top.

Shoes with a high-top will offer much more ankle support than low-top alternatives. After all, the upper portion of the shoe will be wrapped around your ankle. Therefore, it will support your ankle which can keep it from bending as easily. 

Any mid-top shoe will offer maximum ankle support and a better range of motion. This is due to the fact the shoe will be situated right at the height of your ankle which can give you a good amount of support without being too restrictive.

Whereas, a shoe that is a low-top will provide much greater flexibility and range of motion at the expense of support. These shoes are generally meant to provide maximum speed and agility. As mentioned, you won’t have the same coverage of ankle support because the top will be cut lower than your ankle.


Any shoe that uses laces is typically preferred when it comes to finding basketball shoes. After all, laces offer the most precise adjustments to ensure the shoe will fit you optimally. Along with this, having well-secured laces can make it much less likely you sustain an injury because of shoe malfunction or poorly fitting shoes.


The midsole of an athletic shoe is very important. This is the area where you will find all of the technology built into the shoe. This is the part where you will find the support and cushioning of the shoe. The cushioning plays an integral part in the overall performance of your shoe. Therefore, you want to factor in the cushioning when choosing the right shoes to purchase and use. 

For example, you will find a lot of shoes that have midsoles made up of different forms. One of the most popular types of foam for basketball shoes is EVA foam as it is very light. Another benefit of EVA foam is the fact that it is both durable and sturdy. It also happens to be water-resistant which makes it a good option that won’t degrade due to sweat exposure. For shoes with great midsoles, you can check out


The outer sole of the shoe is another big thing that you want to look at. This portion is typically fabricated using various types of materials ranging from synthetic to rubber. This is where you get the traction from your shoe. Also, you need to check how to clean shoes and sneakers that have such synthetic rubber material on their outer soles, in order to keep them in good condition for years. In fact, sports sneakers made by “Loom Footwear” can be cleaned with water and detergent, as the material is 100% waterproof, apart from being moisture and odor-resistant. You can choose from breathable waterproof shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, and the best waterproof sneakers for men.

When you are choosing a basketball shoe, you want to find one that has a flat and wide outer sole. That way, you will be able to maximize your balance with your shoes. Balance is crucial when it comes to performing on the basketball courts. Also, the more grip you have, the better you will be able to control your movements on the slick basketball courts. 

If you are aiming to primarily play basketball outdoors on the concrete, you should be prioritizing outer soles made up of thicker and more durable material. A lot of the shoes you will find in the marketplace are meant for indoor courts. Thus, you should look for shoes that can withstand the wear and tear sustained by outdoor courts with more friction.


When you are shopping for a basketball shoe, you want to try to factor in your basketball position when choosing. If you are playing as a guard, you will need to find shoes that can help you maintain your speed, quickness, and agility. Therefore, you may opt for a low-top shoe variant over a high top alternative. 

Whereas, if you are a forward or center, you may want to find a shoe that offers more weight and one that offers more support which would point you towards the high-top variety. 

If you are versatile or positionless, you may want to opt for the much more flexible shoe which is the mid-top. The mid-top is generally the most flexible and versatile. Therefore, it could be a good option for those who want to maintain higher levels of flexibility and quickness while getting ample ankle support and coverage. This is the best type of shoe for hybrid players without a set position. 


You want to be certain you are measuring your foot before buying any shoe. This is especially true when you are buying athletic shoes. After all, you will be wearing the shoes during fast-paced play. You want to ensure they are not too loose, but not too small either. 

Try to measure your foot at home before shopping. If not, you can have your foot measured at the shop. You want to try to measure your foot with your socks on and while you are standing in an erect position. Likewise, you should try to measure your feet after a long day while standing on your feet to ensure you account for any swelling your feet experience. If you are in-between two different sizes, always size up for the best fit.


Whenever you are buying shoes, you want to factor in whether or not you like their appearance. With a versatile shoe design, it can even match any occasion as well. Definitely, the style of the shoe should be a consideration when buying them. Try to find shoes that match your basketball attire or uniform for the best fit.