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Traders Union Analysts’ Choice: Top 3 International Brokers

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No matter what you want to trade, choosing a reliable broker is incredibly important. Being successful in the long term requires that you find a broker that has low fees, tight spreads, quick order execution, and overall favorable trading conditions. Each broker is different, so you should definitely compare all of them to find the best option that works for you. But if you don’t want to spend too much time on that search, we’ve made this Traders Union article to tell you about the top 3 brokers who operate globally.


Founded in 2007, eToro is a reputable broker that’s known as the best choice for beginners. Arguably the most interesting feature of this broker is its copy trading service that allows you to follow experts to replicate their trades and make significant profits without any prior experience. However, the broker is suitable for active trading, too: it has relatively low fees, a wide range of supported assets (including a variety of cryptocurrencies), and tight spreads. The minimum deposit is just $10, and you can use that to start small while learning how to trade.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive brokers is an old and reputable US investments firm that’s especially popular among Forex and stock traders. However, it features all kinds of other assets, too: options, futures, bonds, ETFs, all kinds of CFDs, and so on. The broker is well-regulated and secure, and it’s considered one of the best international brokers by many traders. You can find many educational materials on the website, and it is possible to start trading with $1, so the broker is very suitable for beginners: you can practice while learning the basics of trading.


DEGIRO is a popular European broker that offers you a wide variety of trading instruments: stocks, an impressive variety of currencies, bonds, options, and many more. Regulated by FCA, it’s considered a secure broker with a good reputation. According to Traders Union research, DEGIRO is currently one of the most popular platforms for novice traders in the EU. The broker features an extensive education program for beginners, and you can start practicing right away: the minimum deposit is just $1. There are no hidden fees, and the spreads are tight. There are also some passive investment options, so it’s possible to invest your money instead of risking them on the market.