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What are the Four Forex Sessions in Nigeria? — According to the Traders Union Experts

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In Nigeria, the four forex sessions are the most advantageous periods to trade. The type of trader you are will, however, determine this. 

African Standard Time is observed in Nigeria, which is in West Africa. GMT + 1, which is six hours earlier than the time zone in New York, is the country of Nigeria’s standard time. Moreover, the time zone in Nigeria is 8 hours ahead of Tokyo and 10 hours behind Sydney. Finally, there is a one-hour difference between the time zones in Nigeria and London. So what are the four Forex sessions in Nigeria? 

Tokyo, Sydney, and London are the four Forex trading sessions that are available in Nigeria. The Forex session hours change because Nigeria’s standard time is not the same as the time in the cities where the sessions are held. 

In Nigeria, one of the four forex sessions—held in New York, Sydney, Tokyo, and London—is the ideal time to transact.

Popular trading pairs in Nigeria

The finest Forex pairs to trade in Nigeria if you want to do so are ones that you are already familiar with according to this Traders Union article. The most traded currency pairs among Nigerian forex traders are EUR/USD and USD/JPY, according to Traders Union research. 

According to the study, 80% of Nigerian traders choose these two Forex pairs, making them the top Forex pairs in the country. Nonetheless, there are additional Forex pairings available in Nigeria. GBP/USD and AUD/USD are the ideal pairs for traders searching for less volatility pairs.

How to choose an app for dealing?

Your desired broker needs to be responsive because of how volatile the forex market is. This is because to the possibility that a trader could lose money if a high volatility event results in a gap after a trader has already placed one. 

Reliability is a crucial aspect to take into account when picking a broker, depending on the platform you choose, whether it be a desktop or mobile application. Your transactions and productivity as a trader will suffer if your broker’s app freezes or crashes, particularly during times of major global economic events.

Trading profits and losses can sometimes be decided in a matter of seconds; a user-friendly broker will make sure that you open or close a trade right away. Also, it is essential for the platform’s general navigation; even with additional charts and capabilities, the app should be simple to use. 

The capacity of professional traders to assess trades after they have been executed can sometimes distinguish them from amateur traders. This is how you can develop your skills and perhaps benefit from experience in other trades, and some tools might make it simpler with Traders Union articles. While selecting a broker, you should make sure that their analysis tools adhere to industry standards.