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Tudor Houses and Tips to Style Their Exterior

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Architecture Richard Norman Shaw and William Morris were the first designers who designed a Tudor house for the first time. Till then, Tudor houses became very common all around the world because of their unique exterior styles. Tudor houses have pitched and overlapping roofs, domes at the front of the house. They are constructed with the help of timber in dark color. Their walls are filled up with daub and wattle material. They have several rooms including bedrooms, dining room, study room, parlours for summer and winter and a large Hall. Tudor-style houses do not require exterior designers because you can paint your house with your own choice. One thing that makes them more noticeable is the mirror-like symmetry. Tudor houses can be both big and small but the appearance of small Tudor houses look like houses in a storybook while big Tudor houses look at the mansion. 

Here are some tips mentioned below that must be followed before designing your Tudor house. 

  • Architecture

Sometimes the owners try to paint the shears to reduce the Tudor look which looks messy. For this, a subtle color can be used to trim the shears. The design of Tudor-style houses is all because of the architectural skills and not the colors. Two colors at a time are preferred. Choosing the right color is very important before you start designing your house into a Tudor house. 

  • Traditional look

For houses that have a historical look a more ample disparity can be obtained. A black and white contrast with white, black, and dark brown trim looks more prominent. For new Tudor houses, sophisticated colors are highly recommended. 

  • Dark Edges

A darker color must always be chosen for the edges and a lighter one for the fields. While choosing a trim color always try to choose a dark shade for a natural look while light colors for the fields. But you can also design your house with the help of stones and bricks with a light color. 

  • Vinyl windows

If you have chosen a light color for a trim and a darker shade for the fields then applying a white color vinyl windows is not necessary. White-colored windows are not mandatory for Tudor houses. There is a large range of colors available for windows so white is always not necessary. You can also choose an oiled dark brown color or a black color. Wooden windows also give an elegant and different look as compared to white vinyl windows.

Tips that are discussed above are for traditional Tudor houses but you can plan to design your Tudor house according to your choice of colors and styles. But the most important part of the Tudor houses is choosing the best colors that give a unique and beautiful look to your house. 

The styling of Tudor houses depends on a person’s choice because some want a traditional look while others wanted to make their homes look like a mansion. On the other hand, its construction is quite expensive because it requires different materials like timber wood, and wattle for roof construction. Tudor homes are built for large families but it can be a difficult task for small families while doing a clean-up. Good quality materials are required for its construction and maintenance because the Tudor houses can give you a headache of leakage if low-quality tiles are used. Barrel tiles are preferred for them because they are reliable and long-lasting. On the other hand, Tudor houses may not provide you with the natural sunlight