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Types of Bitcoin Wallets and Tips to Select the Best One

If you are interested in trading with bitcoin and other digital currencies but are unsure where to begin, you need to learn more about bitcoin wallets first. Of course, for trading to be possible, you also need an app that supports trading with bitcoin. Regarding bitcoin wallets, these are digital wallets where you can safely store and secure your private key code to access your cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin is now a universally recognized digital currency, with more and more people using it every day. Unlike equities at a brokerage, users can easily remove bitcoin from the crypto exchange and store them in a quality external digital wallet. The best bitcoin wallets are simple to use, allowing users to store their cryptocurrencies effortlessly. 

Bitcoin for Gambling

Another top reason for the increase in popularity of bitcoin wallets is that many online gamblers use them. More and more crypto-casinos like at USDT betting site are coming out on the market, and players seem to prefer crypto deposits and withdrawals from online casinos. That is because using bitcoin for gambling guarantees privacy and complete anonymity. Online gamblers do not have to provide sensitive financial and personal data like they do with debit/credit cards and other payment methods.

Also, bitcoin withdrawals from online casinos are instant, without processing times or delays. That is also very appealing and fast because a third-party intermediary is not present. That means online gamblers can enjoy gambling on online slots with their bitcoin and withdraw at any second without any delay. 

Cryptocurrency Wallets Explained 

Everyone knows about bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market. It is a trendy currency accepted by many online merchants. However, many individuals do not have enough information about using and storing bitcoins safely. 

Bitcoins go in specialized digital wallets created to protect the assets from hackers. Today, there are many different types of bitcoin wallets, which requires considering a few factors before choosing the best one. 

In cryptocurrency wallets, you can store your crypto key offline or online, and the two main categories of crypto wallets are the “hot” and “cold” wallets. Hot wallets are for the online storage of bitcoins, and cold wallets utilize some external devices and hardware for offline storage. 

We will point you here to some of the best bitcoin wallets you can find online to keep your private key codes securely. However, you should also know that besides bitcoin, crypto wallets also support other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many others.

What Is a Crypto Wallet  – Do I Need It for Trading? 

A cryptocurrency wallet, or a bitcoin wallet, works the same way as a traditional wallet. However, instead of storing paper currency, it holds a signature, or proof, of your digital money. Bitcoin wallet stores private and public keys you need to buy or sell bitcoin or other digital currencies and provides digital signatures that authorize every online transaction. 

Bitcoin wallets can be accessed in a program, an app, a device, or an online website. You must ensure the safe and secure keeping of your private key, as that is the only way to unlock your bitcoin wallet so you can spend or trade your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

To trade, buy products or services, or use bitcoin in online casinos, you must have a cryptocurrency wallet. That is how you can control your assets. Most digital wallets come with password protection, and many offer additional security features such as two-factor authentication and encryption. 

Types of Bitcoin Wallets 

There are various bitcoin wallets, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some are easier to use for trading, and others have more security features. Regardless of the type, the maximum security protection starts with you. You must keep the passwords safe to access your bitcoin wallet. In general, bitcoin wallets come in two distinct categories – Hot and Cold digital wallets.

Hot Bitcoin Wallets Cold Bitcoin Wallets
Hot Bitcoin wallets connect directly to the Internet. They are always online in an app, a program, or a website. These are generally safe but have some risks since they are always online. However, crypto theft is rare today, thanks to many security features. There are numerous hot wallets online, with a large majority of them being very convenient to use. Cold Bitcoin wallets are small, portable devices that allow users to download their bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. They usually look like keychains or USB drives. These devices are also encrypted, guaranteeing safety. Cold wallets are also more expensive than hot wallets since they allow download, and many consider them more secure than hot wallets. 


  • Desktop Wallets

These are apps that run on your computer. You can store all cryptocurrencies on your desktop, and these come with many advantages for the users. The most significant advantage is that it allows complete control of funds. There are no issues or dealings with third parties that can freeze funds. You also cannot lose them when they are on your desktop computer. However, the security of bitcoins is your responsibility. You must secure and regularly back up your digital wallet, ensuring its safety and protection from viruses, malware, and other online threats. Some examples of popular desktop wallets include BitPay, Bitcoin Core, Atomic Wallet, and Exodus. 

  • Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are mobile apps on smartphones. You can quickly access the app on your smartphone to store and control your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Mobile wallets for Android and iOS systems are convenient and safe to use. The QR codes are great for making quick online purchases, and face-to-face online payments also go fast and easy. Again, you are responsible for backing up your smartphone app to keep your assets safe and protect them from various threats and damage. Popular mobile bitcoin wallets include Bitcoin Wallet, BitPay, Atomic Wallet, and GreenAddress. 

  • Online Wallets

Online wallets are in browsers that you can open both on desktop and mobile. Still, you do not have complete control like the traditional desktop bitcoin wallets and mobile bitcoin wallets both offer. However, these are great for many people, so it depends on what you are looking for. Web-wallets such as Coinbase are very popular today, coming with some excellent options for users. 

Which Bitcoin Wallet Is the Best to Choose?

There are a few factors to consider and things to look into when it comes to which bitcoin wallet is the best. If you are a crypto trader with lots of assets, a combination of hot wallets for quick trading and online purchases and cold wallets for securing resources is an excellent way to go. 

Regardless of which bitcoin wallet you use, remember that bitcoins are volatile. Never trade or own more cryptocurrencies than you are ready to lose. Invest smartly and pay attention to the trends in the crypto world. In general, all bitcoin wallets are safe to use, but you have to explore more about their specific features and options to make the best decision for you. 

Tips on Choosing the Best Bitcoin Wallet 

We can safely say that a bitcoin wallet is not just an ultra-secure place for storage but also managing cryptocurrencies. If you are lucky to use some of the best bitcoin wallets, you will be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies, trade with them, find new ways to use them, and get the latest market news and updates.

The following bitcoin wallet guide will take you through the essential factors you need to consider before selecting the best bitcoin wallet. 

  • Reputation

The reputation of the bitcoin wallet is one of the indicators of whether that wallet is good or not. Since the competition in this sector is high, you will find many opinions and experiences of people that use specific digital wallets. Carefully go through them and see what they say. Also, make sure you read industry-related news regarding particular bitcoin wallets. Some digital wallets may have built-in security flaws by accident or when designing the wallet, which may endanger your cryptocurrencies. 

To avoid that, visit reputable bitcoin websites and online forums to see what people say. For example, the Bitcoin Wallet has been online for a few years now millions of people are using it actively. That means that it has a high reputation among the customers and you will not make a mistake if you choose such a wallet. 

Google Play Store opinions, App Store, or Trust Pilot are also valuable places where you can get an insight into the reputation of some specific bitcoin wallet. 

  • Security

Bitcoin wallet security is an essential thing to check. The wallet you choose must have a strong defense if hackers compromise or attack your device. Your bitcoin wallet should require unlocking by default as one of the first security measures. PIN unlock is an excellent first line of defense, but that might be a bit annoying if you use your bitcoin wallet regularly. Look for a wallet that offers fingerprint or facial recognition as the most modern type of security measure. Such unlock requirements make wallet access very easy, and it keeps the highest level of security possible. 

  • Access to Keys 

To control your bitcoin, you must access private keycodes. Without access to those, you technically do not have bitcoin and cannot do anything. Make sure the bitcoin wallet you choose provides you with instant access to private keys. 

The private keys have a form of randomly generated passphrases containing a dozen or more words. Each bitcoin address has a separate private key. Whoever has the private key for the bitcoin address has complete control over the cryptocurrency connected to that address. 

That means that if you use a digital wallet without access to private keys, you cannot claim your bitcoin as someone else has control over them. For instance, if you have a custodian that goes bankrupt, there is no way for you to access your bitcoin ever. Besides that, if you do not hold the private keys to the wallet, every time you want to log in and trade with bitcoin, you first must ask your custodian for permission since the custodian is the one that controls the keys. 

If you hold on to private keys, you are directly interacting with the public blockchain, and there is no one standing in the middle. 

All of this means that you should always choose a bitcoin wallet that gives you access to private keys. Some wallets generate keys exclusively on your mobile or desktop device, meaning that only you will gain access to them. Those are solid picks for using, so keep this tip in mind when searching for the best bitcoin wallet. 

  • Backup Features

Backing up features is essential because you can easily manage your private keys with such features. Some people go for a traditional variant of saving private keys by writing them down on a piece of paper and storing the note somewhere safe. That may be helpful as an additional variant, but it is not advisable as the only variant. Keeping keys digitally in a vault with top backup safety features is better. 

Writing keys down is not practical, as you can quickly lose or destroy the paper. Besides, you may want to have more than one bitcoin wallet. Perhaps you want one wallet to save bitcoin and another wallet to make online purchases. Each wallet will have a different private key that needs proper management and protection. 

On top of everything, if you plan to trade with multiple cryptocurrencies, you will get many different keys, so managing all of them may be challenging. That is why you need to choose a bitcoin wallet with backup features that will make the entire process easier and faster. Some wallets offer a Cloud backup, storing all your private keys there. The new keys will automatically back up to the Cloud service whenever you create a new digital wallet. 

Private keys are encrypted, and you only need to create one password to decrypt all of them if you need to use them. In case of an unfortunate event, like losing access to the device, all you have to do is re-install the app again, enter your primary password, and you will regain access to all your cryptocurrency wallets. Without a backup feature, you will need to enter all of your passphrases for your crypto-wallets to restore access. That is time-consuming, not practical, and you may not have or remember the passphrases you have. 

  • Customization of Wallet Fees 

Top-quality bitcoin wallets offer easy customization of customers’ fees to public blockchain miners. Choose a wallet with handy pre-sets like slow, medium, and fast. You will pay a higher customization fee when you pick fast, but the transaction will also go much faster. It would also be very convenient if there were an option where you could choose the exact fee you pay for every online transaction. 

  • Shared Wallets Option

The shared wallet option is an excellent feature for a bitcoin wallet. This feature requires more than one individual to approve digital transactions. You can decide how many participants will be there for each shared wallet and how many of them are necessary to approve transactions. For example, a 2-of-4 shared bitcoin wallet would have four participants and require at least two of them to approve the digital transaction. Any participant can propose the transaction, but half of them must approve it before it goes through. 

Shared wallets features are good for improving the overall security of the bitcoin wallet. For example, if two of four people need to approve transactions, that would protect your assets if someone loses a private key. 

  • Other Features

So far, we have pointed to some essential features that every top bitcoin wallet must have. Besides those, bitcoin wallets also must have some additional features that make them convenient.

For example, a feature for creating unlimited wallets may come in handy, as you would be able to organize your funds easily as you see fit. Also, an option for making personal notes can be helpful as well, as you will be able to add some reminder notes about where you sent bitcoin, to whom, when, and other things. 

Finally, another good feature to look for is whether the wallet allows you to change between different currencies and see their value in cryptocurrency units. 


We can conclude that choosing the best bitcoin wallet depends on what you look for in a digital wallet. Here you have a clear overview of different wallets and what they offer to users. You are unlikely to make a mistake, whichever you choose. However, keep essential things in mind regarding their features and pick the wallet with most of the features mentioned here. 

All wallets offer something convenient and pleasant to the users, making them very easy to use. It is up to you to search for specific options and compare several of them before picking the best. Hopefully, this bitcoin walled guide and tips will point you in the right direction and help you make the right decision.