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Instagram Business Account vs. Personal Account

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Does Instagram tell you who visited your profile? Yes, it does.

There are several insights Instagram gives you, but only if you have a Business Account. So, if you are creating a page for your business, choose the account type as Business. If you are a business that just started on Instagram and struggling to get conversions, Switch to Professional Account now. You just need to go to Settings > Account > Switch to Professional Account > Add your business information, and you are done.

If you choose your Instagram strategy smartly, you too can get yourself listed in the top businesses. To get targeted Instagram growth, it is very important to work in the right direction with the right knowledge and expertise. And you can build your base of followers at seguidores. Here, we have listed the difference between the Instagram Business Account and Personal Account. 

Keys Features Business Account Personal Account
Private Account No Yes
Instagram Insight Yes No
Promotion & Ads Yes No
Contact Button Yes No
Shop Button Yes No
Schedule Post Yes No
Inbox Management Yes No
Link to Multiple Facebook Pages No Yes

How is an Instagram business account different from a personal account?

It is important to understand the difference between the Insta business and personal account. Many businesses are now taking advantage of the business account features. It offers better features and enhances reach as compared to a personal account. The following segment is an elaboration of the table highlighted above.

  1. Private Account

A private account gives you a limited reach. An Instagram Personal Account asks the person to send follow request and wait for approval to see what’s on your Instagram profile. Whereas in a Business account, anybody can visit and see your post by default. 

  1. Instagram Insight

Once a business account achieves 100 followers, it tells you the age, gender, demography all at once about your viewer. This feature of Instagram is great as it helps you learn about your target audience and work more effectively. 

  1. Promotion & Ads

To get a wider audience and more conversions in lesser time, it makes sense to spend money on a narrowed targeted audience. With an IG business account, you can surely do this.

  1. Contact Button

To showcase your products and services in IG and get more customers, it is very important to mention your contact details. So, make sure you are not losing customers due to such carelessness, as this feature is only available for Business Accounts.

  1. Shop Button

If you are selling on Instagram Shop Button is of great help as it gives the customers a great user experience and makes your job a lot easier because it also allows Checkout. This feature is only available for Instagram Business Account.

  1. Schedule Post

This is an amazing and very useful feature of the Instagram Business Account. Instead of posting every day, this feature allows you to schedule posts for a month. Just spend a day on scheduling posts as per date and time, and they will be auto-posted in a hassle-free manner.

  1. Inbox Management

A business might get lots of inquiries for the products or services from your page. Answering and viewing all the messages becomes impossible for a person to deal with. Here Inbox management feature of Instagram helps to add the answers to the frequently asked question and reduce the hassle. Only Instagram Business Accounts enjoy this feature.

  1. Link to Multiple Facebook Pages

With a personal account, you can add multiple Facebook pages to their account, making your business page more complex.

Concluding thoughts

So, if you are running a business and looking to reach out to maximum people, it will always be good to have a business account.