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Upfronts 2017: Deciphering the Spin

There was a lot of positive broadcast news coming out of the pitches last week, but there were also many warning signs too.

From Campaign US: At a time when every network attempts to present itself as the best multi-platform performer, it was concerning to see so many looking to the future while focused on the past.

There were so many reboots in the lineups this year. While the idea of bringing back “Rosanne” or “Dynasty” may be appealing to viewers of a certain age, will the millennials advertisers want to reach care or even recognize those old broadcast hits?

I’m reminded of past failed reboot attempts of shows like “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Melrose Place” on The CW and more recently “Dallas” on TNT. Does The CW think nostalgia will be enough to carry the new “Dynasty”? Why even bother? The breakout success of NBC’s “This is Us” should be proof enough that original concepts when done well can lead network performance.

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