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Using Chat to Reach More Customers Than Ever

Effective customer acquisition requires leveraging the latest tools and technologies to offer the best possible customer experience. That’s why chatbots have become a popular tool for companies to increase their engagement with interested parties and customers.

For example, businesses advertising on Facebook use the chat feature to interact with people as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Thus, when reviewing your strategy, it’s important to consider how you can benefit from chat.

Gone are the days when chatbots had very limited potential. Recent innovations have made it possible for these tools to address a range of customer needs, while representing your brand in a positive manner. Online behavior indicates that customers realize this, which is a promising sign.

Interest in chatbots is growing. The following points will help you understand how you can (and should) use them to improve your acquisition strategy.

Immediate Communication

Websites without chatbots don’t allow for two-way communication. They must convince guests your services or products are worth their money. However, they don’t get to engage with guests directly, finding out what brought them to your site in the first place. Chatbots are different. They let you immediately connect with website visitors to learn their needs.

For example, perhaps you run an engineering firm offering a wide range of services. A potential client might therefore struggle to determine if you can handle their project when the only information they have about your company is the content of your website. Perhaps their project requires special knowledge and skills, and your site doesn’t clearly indicate whether your team possesses those skills.

In fact, the client might leave your site and look elsewhere if they can’t find the answer to their question. With a chatbot, however, they can ask for answers directly.

The bot may be able to address the question right away, or it may direct them to a human employee. Either way, this form of communication helps you immediately begin the process of nurturing leads. It’s also worth noting that approximately 69% of customers prefer interacting with chatbots when they have questions and want quick answers.

Quick Follow-Ups

It’s important to follow up with potential leads quickly when they demonstrate interest in your business. With so many other companies vying for their attention, it’s easy for new leads to forget about your brand if you don’t reach out to maintain communication.

This is another reason to use chatbots. When equipped with artificial intelligence, they can monitor the behavior of guests on your site, learning which are most likely to become paying customers. The chatbot can then reach out to them directly, guiding them through the customer journey.

For example, maybe a guest’s behavior indicates they are particularly interested in a new service you’re offering. A chatbot that “notices” this could message them accordingly, asking if they have any questions. It’s a simple but effective way to ensure potential leads stay interested in your brand.

Improving Your Business

Again, chatbots can collect information about each and every customer. You may leverage that data to make changes to the way you do business and nurture leads. Remember, chatbots aren’t just communication tools. They can also provide valuable insights.

For example, maybe chatbot records indicate numerous website guests have the same question about one of your services. This would likely mean the way your business communicates all the necessary information about that service isn’t entirely effective. You might therefore need to make changes to your website content or marketing strategy.

Remember, these are just a few ways chatbots can help you succeed. What’s most important to remember is that they are slowly but surely becoming more and more common. You need to start taking advantage of them now to stay ahead of the competition.