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Top 3 Casino Based TV Shows of All Time

Gambling is a particular recreational activity that is shared by a certain subset of people and not always understood as well by those who do not share the passion for this particular hobby. This can make it difficult for those who love to gamble to figure out where to find some of the movies and television shows that appeal directly to their interests. There is a limited universe of these shows, so we thought we would share some of the best ones for those who love to gamble.

“Caesars Challenge”

This show has all of the makings of a throwback as it aired on NBC from 1993 to 1994. It is a very simple shows to follow along with, and it was literally filmed at Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas.

This show is a reality game show before those were such a big thing. People who participated on the show would be asked a series of questions by the host Ahmad Rashad. The answers were displayed for the home audience on a giant slot machine.

The show was entertaining and easy to understand. Contestants on the show could receive up to $500 for solving specific puzzles within the game.

“Celebrity Poker Showdown”

Who wouldn’t love to see some of their favorite celebrities square off against one another in what would become known as the celebrity poker showdown? That is what this particular show put out on the air. Fans could lock in on their favorite stars of the day play against one another to take home some serious cash.

The best part about “Celebrity Poker Showdown” is that the individual pot could climb pretty high as all of the celebrities on the show had a lot of financial backing to help make for enormous wagers. Sometimes the pot would grow as high as $1 million dollars on a single hand! That is the kind of excitement that gets the blood pumping for someone who is trying trying online rock paper scissors games to win big. Watching these casino shows, like “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” can be serious motivation for playing all kinds of casino games.

“Vegas Strip”

This one is not quite as gambling-centric as some of the other shows mentioned here, but it is entertaining regardless. This is a show that follows petrol cops as they monitor the streets of Las Vegas. It is not as hard-core as shows like “Cops” are, but it does feature a number of entertaining scenes in which law enforcement is forced to control what can sometimes be a rather unruly crowd down in the Vegas Strip.

“Big Deal”

This show will put out the dark side of gambling for your review. It centers on Ray Brooks who was a professional poker player. He talks a lot about the negative impacts that his gambling had on his girlfriend and daughter in particular. It was first shown in 1994 on the BBC, and it still holds a lot of sway over people to this day. It can be a great reminder of the fact that gambling can be a terrible vice for some people.

“Poker After Dark”

Playing poker after dark are some of the biggest names in professional poker. Look for names like Daniel Negreanu to show off his skills against some of the other sharks of the felt. People like this show because it allows them to get into the mind of a professional poker player, and it also allows them to see how to change up their own strategies when they are playing to hopefully bring in some new elements to their game that they had not been concentrating on before. That can prove fruitful and even highly profitable at times. You just have to check out this show to see how it works.