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Wednesday Final Nationals: Yankees-Indians Game 5 on FS1 is Most-Watched ALDS Game in Six Years

CBS was Wednesday night’s leader in total viewers (7.3 million).

A Fox-owned network was tops in adult demos but it was not the usual Fox broadcast network on this Wednesday (although they still led in female demos). FS1 was No. 1 on TV in all adult and male demos, courtesy of the deciding Game 5 of the “2017 American League Division Series” with the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians.

The 2017 American League Division Series as the most-watched League Division Series in FS1 history with an average audience of 3.809 million viewers over the seven Yankees-Indians and Red Sox-Astros games on the network.

This year’s American League Division Series is up +3 percent over last year’s National League Division Series on FS1 (vs. 3,690,000), and up +36 percent over 2015’s American League Division Series on FS1 (vs. 2,795,000).

Wednesday’s Yankees-Indians Game 5 posted 7.61 million viewers across FS1 (7,261,000), FOX Deportes (207,000) and FOX Sports GO (142,000); the most-watched League Division Series game ever on each platform. The game peaked from 11:15 to 11:30 PM ET with 9,175,000 viewers on FS1.

On FS1, last night’s game was the third most-watched telecast in FS1 history and the most-watched telecast since Cubs-Dodgers Game 6 of the 2016 National League Championship Series. It also ranks as the most-watched American League Division Series game on any network since 2011.

(Source: Fox Sports)

Cable Rankings – Wednesday 10/11/17
What follows are the top 100 most-watched shows in prime time on cable (by order of network) for Wednesday, October 11:


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    • Blue’s Clues (Nick Jr., late 10/10 4:24-4:48 a.m.)
      – 154,000 viewers
      – 0.03 adults 18-49 rating

      Little Bear (Nick Jr., 10/11 9:50-10:18 a.m.)
      – 167,000 viewers
      – 0.03 adults 18-49 rating

      Blue’s Clues (Nick Jr., late 10/11 4:24-4:48 a.m.)
      – 119,000 viewers
      – 0.03 adults 18-49 rating

  1. Gotta love how low “emmy-winner Samantha Bee” is rated…

    Goes to show how much regular people care about Hollywood kudos…

    • ???? It’s the #13 rated show on Cable in 18-49s, and is getting over 1 million viewers/episode. Looks to be performing better than ‘The Daily Show’ and performing about the same as ‘Last Week Tonight’. I wouldn’t call those ratings low at all.

      • Once again the Tyranny of Low Expectations raises its ugly head… 😉

        Samantha Bee is doing worse than BBT re-runs in spite of her shows being constantly advertised on TBS. (I’ll confess I wish reruns of BBT were on somewhere else because I can’t stand her commercials of the commercials for TBS’ other flops including the one she’s producing).

        1 million viewers is bad, yes even for cable. The fact Daily Show is also doing rather poorly doesn’t make her a big performer.

        • You’ve got to look at the context though . In the context of other late night shows, she’s one of the highest rated. You can’t really compare the ratings of a late night news show to a syndicated comedy because they attract 2 different audiences, and you certainly can’t compare it to broadcast late-night.

          • I appreciate your response. 🙂

            None of those shows are highly-rated… Sorry, but when you can’t beat unadvertised sitcom re-runs, you should be canned immediately.

            The truth is that she is royalty at TBS for whatever reason and they keep trying to make her a success and failing at that to pretend she is…

            As far as comparing audiences, a viewer is a viewer is a viewer. TBS would do better with a BBT re-run, then again none of their originals can beat a BBT re-run and maybe they should look at why (hint: stop hiring your friends!)

  2. @SonOfTheBronx:disqus hi – it’s been a while. Rather than request my usual obscure low-rated cable shows, I have a rather unusual request. Do you happen to know what the top 5 scripted shows were in Boston for the week of 10/9 – 10/15? And what their Boston HH overnight ratings were? I’ve just moved to here, and I’m very curious about it. Thanks anyway even if you don’t have the data.

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