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What Are the Programming Languages a Kid Can Learn From 7 years Old?

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Programming is one of the most important skills that people should learn. It has amazing career prospects. However, programming is a vast field. It includes various languages. Choosing the right language can sometimes be a daunting task. 

This is especially the case when you are choosing the right programming language for your seven years old kid. This article will take you through the different programming languages that your seven year old kid can learn. 

  • Python

This is perhaps the most popular language amongst kids. It reads like a normal language. Kids can learn Python online. Python is a great language to begin with. This is because it helps you in getting basic grasp in the programming languages. It will help them to have a basic idea of what programming is. It even helps them in developing basic computational language. Thus, it is the best starting point for seven year old kids to learn programming. 

  • Ruby

This is a language which has a highly readable syntax. This makes it ideal for the kids to learn. Rather than spending a lot of time to explain the kids about how languages work, most of them is self explanatory. It is an important way in which concepts can be instilled into the minds of the kids. In the end, what matters is basic conceptual foundation which enables them to form better codes. 

  • Java

This is a bit harder to learn compared to Ruby and Python. However, it is a language which can be learned by kids easily. This language has been here for more than 20 years now. There are various resources that can be accessed to learn this language. Although your kid may find it a bit difficult get head around this language, in the end, things will get easier. You may learn this language online or even enroll in physical classes. 

  • C++

A lot of experts have different views on this language. Some will advise you to begin with this language right away. However, some will not recommend so. This language has a lot of similarities with the mathematical jargon. This might cause difficulties to a lot of kids. Nevertheless, once the fundamental aspects of this programming language are understood, things will get easier. A lot of successful programmers started with this language only. Thus, you can get your kid to learn C++ as his or her starting programming language. 

  • Scratch

This is the last programming language in this list that you should emphasize on for your kid. There are different functionalities which may be difficult for the kid to get head around. However, there is an online interactive community for scratch. 

The bottom line

Programming is an interesting activity to engage into. However, it is better to start with the right language. Above are some of the easiest languages that even your seven years old kid can learn easily with some