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PI Poll: What Family-Themed Sitcom Would You Like to See Return Next?

Now That 'Fuller House' Has Started, it it Time for the Next Revival

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  1. Another good weekend poll from you Marc and this one is the most interesting one so far because there was a lot of candidates on here that could get a return. After watching the first three episodes of Fuller House I was impressed with the show as it had a good mix of the feel of the original series and works as a current today comedy. Also Girl Meets World improving a ton in season 2 with top notch acting performances from the two lead girls Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter has turned that show into Disney Channel’s best all-time quality comedies series to-date.

    Fuller House and Girl Meets World makes me very confident in seeing more reboots to these series and I’ll say to an extent that Last Man Standing is an unofficial reboot of Home Improvement and that show works well too.

    For me personally I’ve never been a snob towards reboots as long as it makes sense and could work in current times. With that being said though there’s a quite a few comedies in this poll that wouldn’t work today unless drastic changes are made and if drastic changes need to be made you minus well just formulate a new original comedy. Family Matters sticks out as the main comedy that shouldn’t see a reboot because it’s too late 80s/early 90s. Same thing with Alf he came out during a time where people were fascinated with robots and aliens like Small Wonder too.

    Fuller House and Girl Meets World works well because they did two things they kept key members from the original cast and that’s great for people who have a connection to those actors and their characters along with the original producers if possible. The other thing is too that they work well in any genre. Full House is still popular today internationally because it’s still relatable to all generations it never gets old although it looks old. Sometimes if you do a complete reboot with all new actors the nostalgia factor isn’t there off the bat and if its bad people won’t give it a second chance unfortunately so I think that’s always key in these return series like off-genre, Dallas is the best reboot drama I’ve ever seen because they were able to usher in the new characters well with the familiar faces, a shame TNT gave up on that one too early.

    Now for me in the poll it was very difficult to narrow it down to three because I wanted to choose a lot more but I like that challenge though.

    I chose The Facts of Life, Step By Step, and Family Ties because I know all three would translate well over to this generation and you can use some key actors from those shows to relaunch those franchises.

    The main comedy that should be rebooted if The Facts of Life at this point mainly due to the fact that teen girls in this country need a comedy to latch onto and learn from. We haven’t had a comedy on broadcast television in years or decades. This show works in any decade and you don’t really need the original cast to make it work just find some girls who can act and I think one or two of the original actors could work on the show as a mentor as that Mrs. Garrett role. I remember the last episode of Facts of Life looked like a potential spin-off and Blair was going to save Eastland or something and be in that Mrs. Garrett role I think if she returned it would be perfect. NBC needs a comedy like this desperately. Blossom would work too and I don’t think the original cast needs to return except Joey Lawrence.

    Step By Step and Family Ties can totally be rebooted and work well in any era. I would even throw Who’s the Boss? and Growing Pains in there as well. My Wife and Kids could actually work too.

    The two difficult ones that stick out would be The Partridge Family and Brady Bunch. Both comedies are still popular to this day, you actually might not need to use original cast members from Brady Bunch you can probably launch it with an all-new cast but on the nostalgia end it makes it difficult. The Partridge Family was perfect for that era but if they did it today then it could be a cash cow on the music end but I honestly wouldn’t touch this one.

    • I was surprised by Malibu Country’s cancellation, as well.

      I know that I am in the minority here, but I never cared for The Brady Bunch that much and actually disliked The Partridge Family.

        • I could tolerate The Brady Bunch (one of my brothers loved it) but just never could make it though Partridge Family. And yes, Bonaduce is now a caricature of a real person.

      • I would love to see Reba in at least one more comedy in her lifetime where she can play the grandmother figure like Lily Tomlin did in MC.

        What’s weird is that I was always more of a Partridge Family guy than a Brady Bunch guy. Partridge Family was a real unique comedy because it was almost like a musical comedy and it didn’t hurt that I had a crush on Susan Dey growing up.

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