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What Has Caused Elon Musk and Tesla to Take Such a Strong Stance Against Bitcoin?

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A dramatic U-turn regarding bitcoin has occurred due to worries about its energy consumption, and Elon Musk has announced that his electrified vehicle company, Tesla, would no longer tolerate payments in bitcoin – but will his move have an effect, and might Tesla switch to an alternate monetary system?

Tesla took a massive gamble on bitcoin later a year, investing $1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency, and it paid off: according to Bloomberg, the firm earned $1 billion from the acquisition during the first quarter of 2021. Tesla is the first corporation to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin was questioned at the time, with many pointing out that even the ecological damage posed by its high energy use would have been at variance with Tesla’s purported green credentials. Musk has since defended his decision to invest in bitcoin.

Musk already reached a major the very same outcome, tweeting on May 12 that Tesla will indeed halt bitcoin sales led to worries about “constantly rising use of coal and oil for mining equipment and dealings, particularly coal, which emits the most pollutants of any energy.” Musk also voiced alarm about the “constantly rising use of carbon fuels for mining equipment and exchanges, particularly coal, that emits the most pollutants of any fuel.” According to him, one benefit of bitcoin is “digital currency is a wonderful concept on many levels, and we think that it has a strong future, but it can still be done at the expense of the surroundings.” 

When bitcoins are produced or processed, they are done so via a process known as proof of work, which entails solving problems that are both practically worthless and technically tough and which cost a significant amount of energy. A total of 148 terawatt-hours is projected to be used annually by the currencies, about the same number as Poland’s. According to Musk, Tesla will not receive or trade bitcoins at this time, but it does intend to utilize its bitcoin holdings after mining “transitions to much more alternative fuels.” 

Is Tesla Planning to Accept Bitcoin Once More?

Bitcoin has risen over $30,000 after Elon Musk said that Tesla would “most certainly” resume accepting cryptocurrency payments shortly. The electric vehicle manufacturer said in April that it would no longer accept bitcoin as payment for sales. Its statement expressed worry over the ecological impact of mining bitcoin, which consumes enormous quantities of energy. That decision came just under two years after the business started taking payments in bitcoin, the world’s most valuable electronic currency. When asked whether Tesla will begin taking Bitcoin, Mr. Musk stated that the response was “very probable during the B-Word crypto convention.”

Moreover, he stated that he’s been investigating the use of fossil fuels in Mining bitcoin: “I wanted to make sure that now the portion of greenhouse gas emission is still most highly probable at or above 50%; however, there is a pattern toward the growing that quantity, and if there is a pattern toward more expanding that count, Tesla will also reopen accepting Bitcoin.”

Musk’s companies are engaged with several other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. SpaceX, one of Musk’s other businesses, is allegedly already taking Dogecoin for space missions, even though his reference to the cryptocurrency as a “hustle” in his performance on “Saturday Night on May 8 caused the cost of the cryptocurrency to plummet by 35%. Musk asked his followers on Twitter on May 11 if Tesla could use Dogecoin as pay, and the results were published in a poll. 

Alternately, other asset classes use alternative solutions to integrating systems, such as granting authority of their blockchains to individuals depending on their coin holdings or the amount of additional disc space they hold, even if Musk has produced no press remarks on any of those techniques.

Whatever direction Musk’s views on bitcoins take him in the future, the billionaire’s statements can significantly affect the industry. Because of his anti-Bitcoin attitude, the cryptocurrency’s value dropped by 15% right away, but it increased again. Because of the energy consumption associated with each trade, this market craze does have its own indirect pollution. Before we end this article, register yourself on the official bitcoin circuit website and learn about the safe ways to trade in the Bitcoin currency.