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What is An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer? How to View IG Stories?

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When you use Insta Stories viewer, keep in mind that the user who posted the story can see who viewed it, but first, let’s learn a little about Instagram and Instagram Stories. Top followr mod apk is a free application that can help you grow your Instagram account today. And allows you to watch Instagram stories without anyone knowing. Pro Tip: For additional discounts on Software programs check Refermate 


Instagram is a popular social networking app that lets you upload photos with the rest of the world. Kevin Systrome and Mike Kreieger found it in 2010. Its first prototype was Burbn, a web app inspired by Systrom’s love of whiskey. It was acquired for a billion dollars by Facebook Inc. in 2012. The best time to post on Instagram typically is early in the morning and mid-afternoon, or in conjunction perhaps with a live evemt.

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What are Instagram stories?

Instagram Stories, a characteristic that allows users to take pictures and videos, as well as add effects and layers, was initiated in August 2016. These Instagram stories are only valid for 24 hours. It is very similar to Snapchat, but with the addition of filters and the capacity to pause and rewind. Instagram also added live video capabilities, allowing users to televise themselves live and then disappear. Instagram story highlights, also known as permanent stories, do not expire and appear as circles below the profile pictures and biography. Since Instagram is the most popular mobile social network, it generates huge competition. Therefore, many people use additional services to create stories, which describe in detail how to make videos for Instagram, what filters are popular, and much more.

You can also check who viewed your Instagram highlights. If you don’t know about it. You can google for it and you will find a large number of blogs for this.

Why can’t users view Instagram stories anonymously?

Instagram does not enable users to view other users’ Instagram stories by instantaneously preloading several stories to enable instant viewing when you are not connected to a stable and reliable data connection. This does not prevent you from viewing anonymously, as you will see as you read this article, and it is perfectly normal to want to view Instagram stories anonymously, whether you are an ex and want to see what is going on in their lives (sad but not strange), or you are a boss or parent trying to keep an eye on your employees or children, whatever the case may be.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

There are various ways to view Instagram stories without them knowing

Anonymous Instagram account

You can view Instagram stories anonymously by creating an unidentifiable account that has nothing to do with you and will not appear more creepy. Simply create a new account with different credentials and information so that you can switch between your primary account and the replicate account. Instagram has already made it simple by adding the add account option and making it simple to switch between accounts with the tap of a button. Once the account is created, search for and follow the suggested account to begin viewing the target Instagram story.

-Airplane mode

It is possible to view someone’s Instagram stories secretly by enabling airplane mode on your mobile device before tapping on them. This works because Instagram automatically preloads many stories to allow for instant viewing when you have a reliable data connection or wi-fi; one Instagram story can be viewed in this manner.

To use this, open the account’s profile in the Instagram app, then toggle to airplane mode on your device before returning to the app and viewing the Instagram stories. However, if the user has a large number of Instagram stories, not all of them will be preloaded and thus not all will be viewable in airplane mode.

Best Instagram story viewer for PC, Android and iOS

Instagram stories can also be accessed through third-party apps on personal computers, Android devices, iPhones, and other Apple-related devices. Anonymous Instagram story viewer is the person who viewed your Instagram story, with their usernames displayed in a list. This list’s total number of views includes playbacks, so you may see more views than usernames.

Anonymous Instagram story viewer for PC

Because the majority of app users are under the age of 24, the Instagram company has prioritized smart phones over mobile apps. Instagram does not have a desktop app for some reason, and the web version lacks many features, but you can still view Instagram stories on your computer.

So some top free Instagram stories viewer app includes;

– Ramme

– Later

– Official Window’s Instagram App

– Gramblr

– IG: DM Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop

These apps will make viewing Instagram stories much easier, from a much better functioning search option to tools that make it easier to use multiple hashtags.

Best Instagram Story viewer for Andriod and IOS

Before we begin, please understand that we will not be using the Instagram app itself. The world has gone online, and you can view Instagram stories anonymously with 3rd party apps to research and spy on the strategy of your competitors. It should be noted that not every app that works on Android will work on iOS.

So a few Instagram Stories viewers include


– Story saver


– Gramstar

– Insta-Stories

– Dumpor

– BlindStory

– Storized

– Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

This is a list of the best apps for viewing Instagram stories anonymously; simply read the article and select the app that best suits your needs. Some of these apps allow you to download both pictures and videos from Instagram Stories to your Android or iOS device. Some even include a PIN code for added security, ensuring that no one can spy on you without your knowledge.

InstaStories is a free service that allows you to read public Instagram profiles anonymously. You can use the platform to secretly track: stories and highlights, live broadcasts (online broadcasts, streams, and broadcast recordings), posts (photos, videos, and text publications), likes, comments, and subscribers.

You do not need a personal Instagram profile to view the feed and stories without logging in or installing an app.

Complete anonymity – You will remain completely anonymous (views are invisible to the owner of the profile, your personal data, date and time of your visits are not displayed or saved)

Loading capability – You can download ig stories and posts to your computer, phone (iPhone iOS, Android) or laptop.

How to download stories, photos and videos from your profile in incognito mode

Instagram currently has one billion active users. Instagram’s popularity stems primarily from its image filters. When you upload photos to this platform, they dramatically improve. Privacy is another factor that contributes to success. You’ve come to the right place, however, if you want to violate someone’s privacy by downloading private stories. This article will teach you how to download Instagram private stories. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a PC, an Android device, or an iPhone.

Note; You can only download all data only from your profile

InstaSaver app- This is one of the best Instagram stories Video Downloader . Insta Saver allows you to download: video, photo, picture, story, Highlights, post, gallery of posts, IGTV, Reels in one click.

It’s features includes:

-ANONYMOUS online viewing of any Instagram user account – the user will never know that you viewed his profile

-download any media file from your account – photo in .JPG, .PNG, video in .MP4 format

-watch and download IGTV (online broadcast) of any user in high quality

-download and view the latest stories and archives of stories to your phone, iOS, Android

-you do not need to register on Instagram, download media files without authorization to your account

-It is possible to download content only from public accounts Anonymously (In incognito mode) – the account owner will NEVER know that you have downloaded a photo or video for yourself.

Instructions-Step # 1. Enter the profile name or nickname of the Instagram account from which you want to download content anonymously (For example, the account arianagrande, @arianagrande or in the search bar of the service

Step # 2. The service opens the page, where you can see all the information about the account: name, nickname, signature, biography, all current photos, videos, Highlights, IGTV and the latest stories – in the original structure of the site

Step # 3. Select a photo or video that you want to save to your phone or pc – click on it to open it in everything). On top of the image or video file there will be a button \ “DOWNLOAD “. Click on the button – the file will be downloaded automatically. To find a file on your phone – look for it in downloads or the Gallery, to download on Windows – in the Downloads folder

Step # 4. To find a downloaded file (video or photo) on your Android phone, look for it in the Downloads folder and the Gallery application. On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) – in the Safari browser, files are sent to the Downloads folder in the Files application. If you download on a PC with a Windows operating system, the browser itself will prompt you to choose a save location (by default, look for files in the Downloads folder)

To summarize, there are several ways to view Instagram stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV anonymously, but according to research, the best are and StoriesIG. The websites listed below can help you use ( and StoriesIG (