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What is Netflix Account Sharing Crackdown and What will be its Impact

Netflix password sharing crackdown could be a blessing in disguise for the US-based streaming service as this activity can improve its subscriber count.  

Netflix is one of the famous video on demand streaming platforms that offer its services in 190+ countries worldwide.  At present, Netflix is catering the online streaming demands of more than 200 million paid subscribers globally. 

But, according to a research conducted by Magid, more than one third of all Netflix users share their account credentials with one other person. This is where the situation gets tricky. 

Considering the consequences of account credentials or password sharing, Netflix has started rolling out its new feature to prevent users from sharing their passwords with other people.     

What is this new feature all about?

Currently, the US-based streaming service is experimenting with a new feature that suggests a crackdown on account or password sharing is about to start.

If you try to access Netflix’s media content library using someone else’s account, you will be stopped by a message that says, “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.”    

According to the official response of Netflix, the new feature is in the testing phase. Furthermore, the primary objective of this activity is to ensure that only authorized subscribers can appropriately use their Netflix accounts.    

If subscribers wish to continue streaming Netflix, they will need to verify their identity. They will be asked to insert a text or email code sent to the account’s owner mobile number or email address to complete the verification process.   

Similarly, they can use the other option i.e. “Verify Later”. This option provides them an unspecified amount of time to continue watching their favorite shows or movies. However, they will have to confirm their identity later.  

Netflix is hoping that this feature will safeguard its subscribers from potential security issues because unauthorized use of their accounts may jeopardize their subscribers’ online privacy a great deal.  

Possible reasons behind Netflix account or password sharing crackdown

Although the recent password sharing crackdown might be harsh for some Netflix users. But in the grander scheme of things, this initiative makes sense to a certain extent. 

In reality, Netflix wants to clear the misconception that sharing passwords with your friends, colleagues or known people is not harmful cybersecurity-wise.

For instance, if you share your account credentials with your relatives and unfortunately they become a target of hackers, it means your online privacy is at stake because cybercriminals have your credentials. 

Above all, if you have used that particular credentials over the web on any other websites or social media platforms, they can access such websites or platforms too. 

In short, it is not just a matter of account or password sharing. It is beyond our imagination since it is a serious privacy issue that must be dealt with extra caution. The above example indicates that Netflix has taken a right step in protecting their subscribers’ online identities.    

Impacts of account or password sharing crackdown

This crackdown will surely influence more than 10 million people across the globe who watch Netflix without spending a single dime via account credentials of paid users. They will be compelled to subscribe to Netflix eventually because it takes a lot of efforts to follow the verification process accordingly.    

They will have to verify their identity sooner or later because the “Verify Later” option will not come to their rescue everytime when they try to access Netflix on their devices. 

There is a strong likelihood that Netflix might witness a substantial rise in their subscription base in the future due to the recent crackdown. For instance, the subscription base is expected to increase in countries where Netflix offers some of the biggest content libraries to its viewers. 

This is one of the reasons why people prefer to use account credentials of other paid subscribers to watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries available in these libraries.     

These countries are Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. Although all these Netflix regions allow subscribers to access their favorite shows or movies in huge numbers.

However, Netflix Australia holds an edge over other regions like Ireland, UK, Singapore, etc. based on its impressive content quality. This is because subscribers can access Netflix Australian library and watch famous titles of all time based on different genres. Some of these titles are Doctor Sleep, Coherence, Black Books, Detectorists, American Gangster, and others on multiple devices hassle-free. 

Wrapping Things Up 

Netflix does have all the right reasons to support its ongoing account or password sharing crackdown. Firstly, the service is trying its level best to educate its users about the consequences of account credentials or password sharing with other people in a decisive manner. 

Moreover, Netflix wants to increase its current customer base by discouraging the idea of password sharing that helps millions of users watch Netflix without any cost. 

Therefore, Netflix has made its intentions pretty clear through this crackdown that only authorized users will be able to enjoy its services in the future.