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What is SettlePay?

SettlePay Wallet is an e-wallet that allows users to withdraw funds from cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Kuna, Exmo, etc.). This is a Ukrainian project and startup that has appealed to more than one person. Such innovations suggest that more steps toward the future are taking place. Payments from a smartphone, on the principle of Apple Pay or Google Pay, are now possible with Settle, which was created by the Whites Group.

The project has many partners, which proves its reliability and trust. In many Ukrainian restaurants, stores, etc., this method of payment is easily accepted.

Features of use

Initially, Settle was based on mobile payments and a loyalty program. Like other payment startups, SettlePay offers an easy-to-use dashboard for entering transfer amounts and generating quick quotes. Settlepay can connect a new payment method to the seller. This does not require any modifications on the seller’s side – all technical integration and settings are made on the Settlepay side. If your company works in the field of insurance, e-commerce, educational projects, tourism, or i-gaming, you can connect cryptocurrency payment with Binance Pay. This way, all your customers will receive an alternative and modern payment method.

Settlepay provides an individual approach to the organization of payment acceptance and is ready to make customized solutions based on Binance Pay for your needs. Website, application, payment link in the invoice, sales in messengers — now all this is available even if you do not have a classic bank card. To access the functionality of the service, you must be verified for security purposes. It doesn’t take long (no more than 5 minutes).

What are the advantages of SettlePay?

There are more and more positive characteristics of the project. Let’s list the main ones:

  • Safety and secure preservation of funds, and personal information.
  • Low commissions, so you can save more money.
  • Multicurrency (more than 40 fiat and cryptocurrencies are supported).
  • The wallet is supported by: ApplePay, VISA, Binance Pay, Binance Code, GooglePay, Kuna Code, MasterCard, etc.
  • Fast, contactless, and secure payments.
  • Clear and simple navigation.
  • Higher limits compared to a bank card.

Transactions can be done quickly and without wasting a lot of time, thanks to every thoughtful detail. It is noticeable that the developers have tried hard to create this project. Use can be made as comfortable as possible and configure the functionality to suit yourself and your requirements.

In addition, the implementation of such payments is very convenient. You don’t need to take a wallet, but just carry a smartphone and link a payment card to it. There is also increased security because when you pay, you do not need to take out your card, which means that outsiders will not be able to see information about your payment system.