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What is the Best Canadian TV Streaming Service?

There has been a dramatic shift in the consumption of entertainment over the last two decades, especially in music and television. If you wanted to listen to a new album back in the early 2000s, you’d have to purchase the CD, whereas, nowadays, all you need is a valid Spotify subscription. Likewise, gone are the days of waiting for the next episode of your favorite series on TV. Now, all you need is a TV streaming service, and you can binge-watch the whole thing in one go! 

We often hear arguments about why Netflix is the most essential streaming service, but the modern world has so many more platforms to check out. From Hulu to Apple TV and Disney+, the market for Canadian TV streaming services is rapidly growing. Each will have its pros and cons, especially depending on the type of program you’re after. Nevertheless, a few options are generally seen as above the rest. Keep reading to find out about the best Canadian TV streaming services and how to subscribe to them. 

A Few of the Best Canadian TV Streaming Services 

There’s a staggering amount of choice regarding Canadian TV streaming services in 2022. Buoyed by the events of the last few years, these platforms have undergone aggressive expansion as people’s viewing habits continue to change in their favor. In this new age of instant gratification, consumers don’t want to wait to watch their favorite programs. Instead, the main aim of the game is to have as much as possible instantly available at your fingertips. 

With that in mind, here are a few of the best Canadian TV streaming services to check out:

  • Netflix: Once the undisputed ruler of the roost, Netflix has come under fire from several new competitors and a decreasing subscriber base in recent years. Still, it’s arguably the best TV streaming service available in Canada, mainly due to the impressive amount of original Netflix productions on offer. 
  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon has been making a strong push into the streaming market since 2017. Building a seemingly limitless catalog of programs was the first objective, but now the company is increasingly turning to original productions. The massively anticipated The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series is an outrageously exciting example. 
  • Disney+: One of the most recent additions to the streaming market, Disney+ has considerable pulling power due to its incredible catalog of movies and series. With a stacked selection of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic options, there’s something for everyone with Disney+. 

Although these are our favorite options, it’s well worth checking out some of the other top streaming services in Canada.  

The Rise of TV Streaming Services

Streaming services are by far the most popular way for people to watch TV nowadays, but even a decade ago, this wasn’t the case. The rise of TV streaming services has been impressively quick, with more people than ever turning to platforms like Netflix or Disney+ in 2022. Many people still watch regular cable television, but the ratio is continuously shifting in streaming platforms’ favor. 

The main stumbling block for early streaming services like Netflix in the early 2000s was the lack of technology. You may remember that Netflix started as a DVD rental service sending out movies to customers in the post. It wasn’t until 2007 that it launched its online streaming service, something that very quickly blew the visual entertainment industry-wide open. Netflix had almost exclusive control of the market in the early years, but after 2010 more platforms have adopted online streaming after seeing the boundless potential. 

Other Entertainment Options Not To Miss 

There are plenty of other entertainment options available nowadays if you’d rather not pay for TV streaming. For example, due to all the talk of Netflix and co. it’s easy to forget about conventional cable or satellite television. 

Furthermore, not everybody loves watching TV, especially with the wealth of incredible games on next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5. Video gaming is a far more immersive experience than watching a film or TV series, so there’s no surprise many people prefer it. Similarly, online casino games like slots or live roulette are immense fun. Not only do they offer a tactical puzzle to navigate, but real money prizes and epic bonus features are also common. There are countless incentives with things like deposit match welcome offers and free spins bonuses. However, playing at the best online casino in Canada requires some research, so do your homework first. If casino games aren’t your thing, playing real-life sports like soccer or tennis is also a great alternative to sitting at home and watching TV.