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What Motivates People to Engage in Online Gambling?

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Human beings never run out of ways to entertain themselves. In the same way, businesses are always on the lookout to take advantage of the trends and find ways to earn money. This compatibility has led to the popularity of online gambling. Online platforms like IBC9 casino are becoming more and more popular and sought after now more than ever.

IBC9 was established in 2016 and is known for its rewards and promotions. Another appealing factor of this online casino are its bonuses such as welcome bonus for new players, reload bonuses, cash rebates on lost money, and even a referral bonus plan.

On top of its attractive bonuses, IBC9 also offers a wide range of games for their players to choose from. It also supports both mobile and desktop gaming and offers both Android and iOS applications.

There are a lot of factors that encourage people to participate in gambling.

Desire to earn money in an instant

The way that casinos are marketed and sold to the public makes it enticing because of the concept of earning money just by playing. The idea of playing to get money is attractive and very appealing. This can be one of the reasons why people are drawn to the concept of online gambling.


Visiting an actual casino demands additional costs and time. The concept of an online casino which is more convenient and accessible to the people is another selling point of the business. Since players can join in the comforts of their own locations, it cannot be denied that online casinos are more convenient than their traditional counterparts.

Psychological factors

According to a study by Mike Robinson, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Wesleyan University, the uncertainty of a reward experienced by a casino-goer during playing releases Dopamine. This expectation of something unsure also enhances the risk-taking behavior of casino-goers.

The busy and noisy set-up of a busy casino mimicked by its online version is also another factor that makes it more engaging and fun. The ambiguity of the games’ outcomes plus the distracting sounds and visuals are a perfect match in increasing a player’s desire to play more and even spend longer hours in gambling.

The phrase “the house always wins” is not a foreign expression to casino-goers. But what makes it enticing for them even though they know for sure that the games were always set-up to the advantage of the house? Let’s check the case of slot machines. These are now computerized games that enable players to play in multiple lines. With this set-up, players can win on some lines and lose in others – and even exaggerate the times they are winning. The losses are not emphasized since the thrill that this game brings is much more highlighted.

The tendency for humans to feel they can control or at least affect outcomes over which they clearly have no control is known as the illusion of control. This is one of the greatest drivers why people engage in gambling – or in our case, online casinos.