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What to Do After You Have Moved Your office?

Moving office is an intensive process and it affects all business, no matter small or big. It is a complicated process which demands a lot of planning and careful execution. The change in office location is a significant change and it is crucial for the administrators to attend it on priority basis. However, this list of trustworthy companies explain that to make an office move successful the administrator and business owners must also focus on after the move chores. Yes, even if you have safely and successfully moved to the new location. It is crucial that you know what to do next. There are several important things that you must attend to after you have reached at your new office address. 

Here we have combined a loss of things that you must do after you have moved your office.

Inspect the old facility and take photographs

It is important that you visit the old facility once after you have moved all the belongings out. This will help you check that none of your office assets are left behind. Also, inspect the condition of the facility and take pictures of the empty office rooms and common areas. The photographs will help you evaluate the need for any type of repairs for the damages that happened while you were using the facility. 

Check the electricity meter reading at both old and new office

You must check the electricity meter reading at your old office as well as at the new office. This will help you get an accurate idea of the pending dues with the electricity department for the old office and also calculate the new cycle at the current office correctly. 

Be quick in unpacking and return the packing material

The best office movers offer you packing material, which, when you unpack the items, must be returned back. It is recommended to start unpacking the belongings as soon as possible and return the packing supplies. The delay in returning the packing supply can cost you an additional charge or a late fee. 

You can always ask the professional office movers to unpack your items for you. Hiring professional services is recommended as it helps you avoid any delay in the work as well as ensures safety of your belongings. 

Audit your belongings at the new facility 

After the items have been moved, make sure you audit your moving inventory. Match all the items at the new facility with your moving inventory list and ensure that all the items are safely in your possession. Auditing the inventory with the help of a moving items checklist will help you identify if you have any item missing. You must be very thorough when checking the inventory and make sure to look for any damages.  In case of damages, you must work with the moving company for claim settlement process. 

File insurance claim without any delay

If required, you must file for a moving insurance claim as soon as possible. If any item in your moving inventory got damaged during the move and there was an insurance cover n the same, it is crucial for you to file an insurance claim. Office assets are usually large and bulky in size and there are high chances of them getting damaged. 

To ensure you do not have to sustain any damage and related losses, you must ensure that the company is fully licensed, insured and bonded. Check the insurance coverage that the company provides and in case of any damages, move forward with the insurance claim. Do not delay the claim filing process as the more time you take for filing the claim, the weaker your case gets. 

Prepare SOPs and circulate a list of dos and don’ts

As you are operating from a new office now, there is need for a new protocol for safe and efficient operations. It is crucial that you circulate a list of dos and don’ts of the new office in your staff. The list must have rules related to day to day usage of the facility and other related rules such as cleanliness, power saving, parking arrangement, security, food and drinks, and use of common areas and more. Make sure that you staff has clear understanding of the new rules and you have a smooth start of the new innings.

Make an emergency evacuation plan and share it with the staff

As a legal and safety compliance, you must have an emergency evacuation plan easily available, as you have moved to a new facility, make sure you have worked on the evacuation plan and the same has been intimated to your employees. In case there is an emergency, the employees must know the best way to evacuate the building and reach to the safer grounds. 

You must have had a smooth transportation experience to the new office as you start unpacking your belongings at the new office, make sure you follow these office relocation tips. The more attentive you are to your post office move settlement process, the easier it will be for you as well your staff to start fresh at the new office location.