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What to Expect From the iGaming Industry in 2022?

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At this time every year, the board of directors of all online gambling companies meet to outline the guidelines that their institutions will follow in the coming months. Note that we said “broad lines” and not “thorough plans” because this fast-paced, highly volatile industry doesn’t fit with careful planning! 

In addition, the surrounding conditions can never be predicted or controlled, so trends and situations change frequently. For example, in December 2019, no one could predict that a pandemic would spread globally and have a good impact on the industry! However, there are some trends and events that are guaranteed to happen. For example, more US states will go to license online gambling companies. Also, some operators will generate impressive revenue figures. These trends are somehow “safe bets”. 

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive review of the most important trends that the online gambling industry will take over the next few months.

The Increasing Popularity of Non GamStop Casinos

The higher the rates of players registering to the GamStop service, the UKGC imposes more strict measures on casinos to reduce the problem gambling.

Recent restrictions have included the suspension of bonus features, blocking off VIP schemes, and banning of credit cards. In fact, these restrictions certainly harm players in the first place. Therefore, in 2022, it is expected that more and more excluded and non-excluded players will participate in non GamStop casinos! Check the website with a big range of online casinos, games and sport betting sites!

Offshore casinos offer larger gaming collections, enhanced bonuses, support a wide range of payment methods, and of course, UK casinos lack these features due to strict licensing restrictions.

Banning Betting companies from sponsoring Premier League clubs

Although the UK market has always been shrouded in uncertainty, Under the UKGC decision, it’s for sure that football betting companies are set to stop sponsoring football clubs completely. But will this move really have a substantial impact on the industry?! Italy took a similar step on January 1, 2019, but its market was not affected, and the action had little or no impact on actual gambling levels, so we expect the same for the UK.

More Mergers & Acquisitions

Perhaps the easiest prediction in the gambling industry for 2022 is more mergers and acquisitions. However, it is tough to determine which companies will take this step! Indeed, early disclosure of such deals could influence the value of merging companies in the stock. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the prevailing trend in mergers. Over the past two decades, old operators have been buying up new companies, and newer companies are buying old operators, so mergers are taking place in almost every direction.

The latest acquisition trend is operators buying game studios, and game studios buying other gaming creators. For instance, Leo Vegas has acquired the Penn National studio, and sure enough, this trend is likely to continue for a long time.

Despite the pandemic, in 2020, Evolution acquired NetEnt Live in a deal worth $2.1 billion. In addition, it also took over Big Time Gaming for $533 million. The company seeks to monopolise the live games sector. So, it is likely to acquire more companies in the future!

Also, there is a lot of news circulating about the 888 Group’s acquisition of William Hill in the first quarter of 2022.

More US States Join the iGaming Industry

Although Las Vegas casinos are expected to return to 2019 levels in 2022, there is no guarantee that life will return to normal in Sin City before 2023! So, more and more states are turning to license gambling sites to create more jobs, get more taxes and face the recession in the convention gambling sector.