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General Update on iGaming UK Market

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While 2020 was a very challenging year for a lot of industries, it was an excellent one for the Gaming and iGaming industries! Spending on gaming software and hardware grew by 30% over the past year. The industry reached a record of €7 billion, beating the 2018 record with more than one €1 billion!

Unsurprisingly, consumers who spend a lot of time at their homes haven’t found a better recreational activity than casino games. The UK is the largest market in the world for the gambling industry as 47% of Britons place a wager at least once a week. The UK is not only home to millions of casino patrons but it is also home to most of the gambling companies and game studios!

With the increasing rate of vaccination and the end of the pandemic, the online gambling industry returned to their normal growth rates again. However, it still develops and influences other domains and industries like ever. In this article, we will take a quick look at the iGaming industry’s most recent trends!

High Employment Potential 

Besides the unprecedented growth rates in the number of British players and casinos, the UKGC industry also enjoys very high employment potential! 

In the UK, more than 47 thousand are directly and indirectly employed in the various fields associated with online gambling. Although technology-based jobs are the most prevalent, we also notice the emergence of a lot of new roles related to marketing and creative content creation. This point in particular could mitigate the sharp criticism that the online gambling industry in Britain is facing due to the increase in gambling addiction rates, and it proves that iGaming has a good influence over other domains. Visit the website and get more information about it!

Relying on innovation

Why do people gamble?! To enjoy adrenaline rush in their spare time. How does adrenaline rush? By trying something completely new! Thus, every gaming creator and online casino wants to provide more new options to attract more players and retain their hard-earned player base.

As the industry is growing and developing, we can expect to see more development not only in the gaming field, but also in other related areas such as payment methods and customer service. For example, if the UKGC approves, online casinos may start accepting digital currencies. In addition, many casinos are now providing support to their players through social media platforms and utilize AI to take on player messages and give replies to them! Thus, there is always something new to explore at any UK casino you choose to play at.

But, will the development in the field of games really continue?! In fact, the UKGC has required all gaming companies to cancel all in-game bonuses including free spins, scatter and wild symbols. So, all slots available in UK casinos are devoid of graphical and bonus features as well. However, game companies may get around this ban by introducing new ideas as we hope!

Emergence of new game creators in the online gambling industry

Although the market is completely dominated by big names such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech, there are many opportunities for success for up and coming studios such as: (Red Tiger, Fantasma, High 5, Rival, Hacksaw).

Players become content makers!

Instead of content creators providing lame content to pro players, what if players provide engaging content to other fellow players?!

In fact, the gaming industry is ever-growing and evolving, pro players have all the tools to keep other players in the know. On the other hand, content creators are a bit behind!

In addition, the world of Twitch and YouTube games gives everyone a chance to show his talents and promote his own content. Also, players can earn a lot of money through these platforms by activating ads or using affiliate marketing methods.


Generating $200 million annually in 2020, the Gaming and iGaming industries have seen many positive and negative effects across different fields! There is no doubt that these industries are growing strongly. Although it is difficult to repeat the big boom achieved in 2020, it is possible for these industries to maintain the same growth rates of previous years. No matter how you prefer to interact with gaming, there are so many amazing things waiting for you.