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The Best Fantasy Stock Market Game Platforms You Can Use to Study the Stock Market

Do you want to trade stocks but still don’t dare to risk your own money? Playing Fantasy Stock Market Games is the best solution for you. It is the best way to practice investing without any risk. By playing the Fantasy Stock Games, you will be awarded some virtual money to build your portfolio. With virtual money, there is no real risk and that means you can learn without risk. Once you understand how the stock market works, you can bet your own money.

Here are some popular Fantasy Stock Market games that are recommended for beginners:

VIG: This platform is one of the best. VIG offers a variety of daily fantasy games with a wide variety of commodities to trade, such as stocks, ETFs, and even cryptos. There is a complete guide to running each game as well as a digital wallet that makes it easy for each player to control their portfolio. Cryptocurrencies are the money of the future and there is a lot of opportunity there. Using the VIG platform, you can get used to trading crypto which is “much wilder” than trading in common stocks. Want competitive trading without risking your money? Give it a try!

Wall Street Survivor: This is a fantasy stock market game platform that offers many options for investing in the stock market. Among them is a kind of course that you can take to understand every aspect of investing. The course in question is divided into several levels; from beginner level to advanced level. Wall Street Survivor is giving away $100,000 worth of virtual money which gives you the freedom to “play stocks”. If that wasn’t enough, there is a library of information for further education. You can also form a kind of league to compete with your friends and the ranking will be based on the number of portfolios.

SmartStocks: This is a fantasy stock market game platform with the biggest virtual money, which is worth $1 million. With various informative financial charts, this platform has managed to attract so many players and they are all spoiled by the so-called “community” where they interact with each other. With SmartStocks, you can form groups of your friends and you guys compete to get the best portfolio.

Investopedia Stock Simulator: This platform is a stock trading simulator that allows you to practice buying and selling stocks. Not only a simulator, the Investopedia platform also offers a variety of investment information and a fairly complete investment dictionary. It can all be a basic capital for you before you really “play with your money”.

Marketwatch Virtual Stock Exchange Games: This platform offers a wide variety of games. Most are public games and some are private games. With’s platform you can freely choose how much virtual money you will use in trading. For your information, this game seems to be aimed at people who are fairly familiar with how the market works, so in other words, it’s not really recommended for people who don’t have any experience.

Piggybank Fantasy Stock Exchange Game: This platform is more intended as an educational tool for stock trading for children under 16 years old. Unlike the platforms above, Piggybank Fantasy Stock Exchange Game is based solely on the London Stock Exchange, so it’s “truly British!”

All of these platforms are good learning tools, for beginners and non-beginners alike. The more you learn, the less likely you are to fall into losses in the stock market. Hopefully this article is useful.