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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Bizarre Path to Victory

Jonny Knowles, a software designer from North Carolina, was the night’s big winner on the Apr. 9 edition of “Wheel of Fortune” earning over $19,000.

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  • But the bigger story was how he arrived at his win — an unconventional path, making various game mistakes along the way.

    For the puzzle “Dog and Pony Show Me The Money” with the “g” and “p” missing and landing on the $2500 wedge on the wheel, Jonny called for an incorrect “c”.

    Later, after “hopping on” the Express and calling all the letters in the puzzle “Flamenco Dance Lessons”, Jonny incorrectly pronounced it as “Flamingo Dance Lessons.” The next contestant stated it correctly and since it was a prize puzzle, lucked in to winning a $7,000 trip to Spain. Jonny was visibly confused and upset thereafter, as host Pat Sajak stated the control room will listen to how Jonny solved the puzzle to confirm their initial ruling.

    Jonny would wind up solving the game’s final puzzle which was fittingly enough, “What just happened?” and resulted in Sajak giving a hearty laugh.

    Preface to his bonus puzzle round, Jonny introduces his wife, mother and sister in an interesting way, due to his odd game:

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