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When Did Blockchain Become Popular?

If we assume that the word appeared first during the creation of the world, then after it arose the need to write this word down, so as not to forget. We will tell you what the first systems for collecting and storing data were like and how the search for a simple and safe technology for processing, exchanging and storing information ended. 

The first data registers 

The history of the blockchain begins long before the first computers appeared. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the first mentions of the clay servant of man Golem were noticed. Modern researchers easily guessed in this legend a prophetic prediction about the appearance of robots long before Isaac Asimov.  Where was recorded everything that should be recorded and systematized: from birth, buying a cow and mortgaging a house for debts, and until the death of each individual person. Blockchain supply chain development services give more information.

Structuring and optimization 

With the advent of computer technology, data began to be entered into tables. With the spread of the Internet, tables have become more functional. Later, external hard drives began to be used for data storage. What’s next? Technologies have “stepped into the clouds”. Cloud storage made the life of users easier and more airy, allowing information to be stored on cloud servers. But that was still not enough. But all this has not yet solved the issues of security of financial transactions, and data archiving without the ability to make changes after the fact. 

Blockchain history: who layed the first stone in the development of technology 

You have probably heard about Satoshi Nakamoto. Someone believes that this is a group of developers, and someone believes that this is a real person.

Be that as it may, in 2008, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto wrote an article about the principles of this system. A year later, the blockchain from the idea was implemented into a working technology and tested on another new development – the first cryptocurrency bitcoin. Due to the growth in the value of bitcoin, the popularity of the technology with the help of which you can work with cryptocurrency has also increased. The history of the blockchain and its application interested not only geeks, but also ordinary users. The information field of the Internet has been filled with new words and software: 

  • electronic and cold wallets; 
  • exchanges;
  • brokers; 
  • news; 
  • webinars; 
  • investment courses. 

All this and much more has opened up a new way to make money on the Internet, as well as pay for services, buy and sell goods of varying degrees of value. And all this without the control of the state or banks.

The popularity of cryptocurrency as a phenomenon and a tool for free trade was growing. Other digital money was also being developed. For example, Litecoin appeared in the 2000s. But he, of course, was not unique, but copied in many ways the code of the “cue ball”. Other cryptocurrencies were already “more interesting”. Mathematical algorithms different from bitcoin were used in their development. For example, currencies like Monero and zCash were created to be completely anonymous. That is, if, when using bitcoins, there is still a chance to calculate the recipient of the payment, then in the case of these two cryptocurrencies, it is useless. Now there is a great variety of cryptocurrencies. This is no longer an experimental “invention” of developers, but a whole ocean of financial opportunities into which we offer you to dive on your own, focusing on English-language sources. Read more here

The history of blockchain and the evolution of money 

Let’s go back to the blockchain. Some users still confuse bitcoin and blockchain. Therefore, at present there is a need to increase the literacy of the population regarding these new concepts. Indeed, despite their relatively recent adoption in the digital and economic worlds, they are already having a tangible impact on our daily lives. When the popularity of cryptocurrency began to gain momentum, banks became interested in blockchain technology. This happened relatively recently. For example, two years ago Bank of America and Microsoft started pouring money into their software development.