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Where to Play Bingo Online?

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There are only a few land-based casinos in the UK that offer bingo for real money. On the contrary, non GamStop casinos offer a wide range of bingo games, including bingo 80, 30 Ball (Speed Bingo), 75 Ball (America’s Favourite), 80 Ball (Made for Online), 90 Ball. Hybrid variants of bingo and slots called “Slingo” can also be found here. On this page, we will recommend the best non GamStop casino games that offer Bingo and Slingo games for their customers.

Winner Casino: Enjoy Online Bingo for Real Money

Winner Casino is a site that is really made for bingo enthusiasts , and it is definitely recommended for British players. The site has a wide range of online bingo games for real money, especially games that they have developed themselves, and they also target players who want to play bingo for fun.

The maximum bet that you can bet on the various games has been deliberately kept low (maximum 1 euro per spin) , and the games are very easy to understand. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the game without the risk of playing with too large amounts.

Payment options VISA, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency, Bank transfer
Minimum stake €0.10
Number of bingo games 22
  • Bingo90 – Bingo90 is the most played game at Winner Casino, and you can join every few minutes to play. A bingo card costs €0.10 for this game, and you can play with a maximum of 24 cards per round. The jackpot on this game can reach €20,000 or even more! Bingo90 is played with 90 numbers, and it has a payout percentage of around 85%.
  • Bingo80 – Bingo80 is very similar to Bingo90, but then there are only 80 numbers. You play with a smaller card, and so the game is finished a little faster than with Bingo90. You can play from as little as €0.10 per spin
  • Bingo75 – in Bingo75, there are only 75 numbers, and you can play with a maximum of ten cards per round. Each card of five by five costs €0.20 at Winner Casino. You win in this game, as in the other variants, if you have a line or if you fill the whole card.
  • Slots and other games of chance – In addition to bingo games, Winner Casino also offers a number of “arcade games” in which you can participate with a maximum of € 1 per spin. They are very simple slots that they have developed themselves with a payout percentage of 98.5%. Some of these slots include Gold Rush, Phoenix, Egypt and Las Vegas Slot.
Pros Cons
+ Mega offer of 22 bingo games! – Low max bet.
+ Specially designed mobile app to play bingo on the go. – No slingo.
+ Specializes in bingo, so the entire site is set up specifically for this game.

Big Win Box Casino: Plethora of Bingo Games

Big Win Box Casino is one of the best known non GamStop casinos. Although Big Win Box Casino Online’s selection is not huge, they do have both classic and modern game variants.

So, if you are looking for a lot of variety, a provider like Winner Casino might be a better choice. Prefer to play slingo? Then Hand of Luck or Richy Farmer are good options.

A big advantage is that when you spend €10 on bingo at Big Win Box Casino Online, you receive a welcome bonus of €20 for extra bingo. This way, you can enjoy your favorite bingo games for an extra long time.

Payment options VISA, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency, Bank transfer
Minimum stake €0.05
Number of bingo games 5

Big Win Box Casino Online has a higher maximum bet than Winner Casino. If you want to play online bingo for money, we have listed the most popular bingo games they offer below:

  • Bingo90/Bingo80/Bingo75– There are three classic bingo games at Big Win Box Casino Online, namely Bingo90, Bingo80, and Bingo75. The number indicates how many numbers the game is played with, and the fewer balls, the faster the game goes. The minimum bet on these games is €0.10, and they have an RTP of around 85%.
  • Fluffy Favorites Bingo– This bingo game is based on the Fluffy Favorites slot, and it is played with 90 balls, just like regular bingo. In addition to the bingo game, there are also a number of bonus games that have been added to the game by Playtech (the developer of the game).
    The bonus game is only accessible when the card is full, and you can use it to increase your winnings. In addition, there is also a progressive jackpot that is won if a player has a full bingo card after 35 numbers are drawn. This game has a payout percentage of just under 90% (89.99%) and is definitely recommended if you like bingo games with extra features.
  • Age of the Gods Bingo – Age of the Gods Bingo is played with 90 balls and, in addition to a number of nice special features, also has a bonus game to enjoy. The game is developed by Playtech and has a minimum bet of €0.05 and a maximum bet of €0.25.
    Although it does not have a progressive jackpot it does have a nice bonus game called ‘Arena of the Gods’, which is accessible to players with a full bingo card.
Pros Cons
+ Both modern and classic bingo games. – Fewer different types of bingo games like Tombola.
+ A bonus of €20 when you spend €10 on bingo. – No slingo games.
+ A high maximum bet and low minimum bet.