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Who are Content Entrepreneurs and How Can You Become One?

According to thetotalentrepreneurs, an entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business, identifies problems, and solves them using creative, opportunist, and innovative means. Entrepreneurs are creative risk-takers, and self-starters. Every entrepreneur’s goal is to maintain steady business growth.

Using the above definition, we can say that content entrepreneurs are people who create content and solve problems within their field using the means described above (creative, innovative, and opportunist) with the aim of making a profit. Content creators’ customers have their audience as customers, so they have to be diverse in creativity in order to keep up with the industry trends and provide desirable results. 

8 actionable tips to become a content entrepreneur:

Let’s first see who a content creator is. This is someone who creates audio, video, and written materials on platforms such as Talkytimes, which provides a convenient online space for demonstration and self-expression of unique talents and creativity.

Usually, content creators join a platform like Talkytimes so they can get followers and create a community. On Talkytimes content creators have an opportunity to organically promote their profiles to interested followers, who can send donations, online and even real gifts! 

But to get supported and rewarded by followers, content creators should solve problems within their field by being innovative and creative, that is why we call them content entrepreneurs.

Now without any further ado, let’s head straight to how you can become a content entrepreneur!

  • Choose a field where you can improve your knowledge and skills

This comes first on the list, because it is an important step you should go through. As a content creator, you need to come up with a topic for your content. This can be anything from football, economy, or even break dancing. Choose a field you feel comfortable in and one that is easy to learn and excel in for you. Still using breakdance as an example, you can choose this particular topic if you are familiar with it, and have been practicing for a long time. 

If you are a writer, you need to know that content creation is not just about how beautiful or magical your writing is, but primarily your ideas. Great ideas solve problems and if you can’t share meaningful ones, then your content won’t fly. It doesn’t matter how much time you want to spend fine-tuning your work. If it doesn’t have an idea that can help your audience, people won’t care.

Morgan Housel, one of the best-selling finance writers, once said that “good ideas are easy to write, and bad ideas are hard”. 

For you to even become a successful content entrepreneur, you need to begin with something you already have knowledge of. At least don’t be too blunt in the beginning. You don’t have to be that much of an expert right away, as long as you have the knowledge to begin with, that is okay! You also need to document your learning and practicing journey — people absolutely enjoy following stories of how people went from 0 to 10.  

To make more profits from your content, don’t just depend on one field. Our idea is that you switch topics as you progress. Don’t stick to break dancing forever, you can also do marketing and so on.

  • Select a content creation format you feel like developing

So now you have a field you are working on growing, you need to proceed and find a format and then develop skills on it. For example, some of the content creation formats available include:

  • Podcasting
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Graphic design 
  • Writing/copywriting

There are many others, these are just a few.

Let’s use gaming as an example. If you are in this field, you may want to develop skills in videography. At the same time, you need to develop your playing skills. Creating content takes time, but if you are passionate about your topic it will go a long way.

You can also mix formats. For example, at the end of your video you may need to add some copywriting to advertise or promote your other content. It all depends on your field and the formats that match it. 

  • Come up with a MUST-do project

As a content creator, your failure may come from not completing a project or not starting it at all. There is no way around this: if you want to create content, then you must start doing that. If you want to grow your content creation skills then you have to actually do something and share it to the world. It sounds scary, and you will also get negative comments in the process, but you have to go through all the content creation phases to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • Get a job as a content creator

Now, this may sound contradictory to the title of the article, because most entrepreneurs are self-employed. However, let’s reason together, here. Working as a content creator in the field that you enjoy can help you develop the experience and skills with the company resources. Later on you can create your own start-up and eventually become self-reliant. For the record, you don’t necessarily need to be employed in the beginning to become a successful content entrepreneur, you can still practice and get better at it.

Talkytimes is one of those platforms, where you can grow your talent by showcasing your content to followers and getting feedback, which can help you improve.

  • Network and brainstorm

Ideas, ideas, and more ideas! Reach out to other content creators in your field or form your own team of content creators to help you explore new ideas. This is about your audience, their problems, and how you want to solve them. There is much being done in your field already, so you also need to get creative and think of the ways you can stand out in producing engaging content and use different content formats to effectively deliver your content to the target audience.

  • Choose the best platform to use

Making sales and profits is one of the business goals every entrepreneur wants to achieve, but every product and service needs a market, right? The content you create will be consumed by your audience on the social media platform that you are on. For example, you can upload or stream your content on Talkytimes, so that your followers can send you donations and gifts. Other social media platforms may not allow content creators to earn some income from the talent and creativity they showcase right from the beginning. This is why you need to always research or chat with other creators about the best platforms for content creators.

  • Keep up with emerging trends in your field

As already mentioned, a content entrepreneur should be creative and innovative. These two skills are very important, especially in the always dynamic content creation industry. Keeping up with what is happening in your content creation field and generally around the world is important to ensure that your audience is entertained and engaged. For instance, at the moment everyone is complaining about the rising fuel prices in different parts of the world. Some are facing hard economic times and, as a content creator, you need to realize this and ensure your audience knows you care about the problems they face, providing possible solutions. 

You can do this even if your field is not finance-based or economic-related. For example, if you are a comedian or a singer, you can start a campaign with an up-to-date message. You can wear bands or T-shirts with such a slogan. This will make your audience see that you are not just there to entertain them, but is also aware of the current situation.

  • Start your content entrepreneur journey with Talkytimes

Now that you have some ideas on how to become a content entrepreneur, why not start the journey with Talkytimes? The platform is open for diverse content creators, thus copyright policies are also observed. Expressing talents and creativity is easier on Talytimes thanks to its comfortable and functional space for creators. Unlike most other platforms, Talkytimes does not underestimate any creative work. There is always a space for new talents. Even if you are just starting out as a creator, your unique creativity and message deserve to be monetized.  

So how do you join Talkytimes?

Before you can access all of the features of this platform, you will go through a sign up and verification process to keep scammers out. The platform is aspiring to allow only genuine content creators and users to join, and this is why Talkytimes is one of the most convenient spaces to showcase your talent and creativity.

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