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Who Are Ramotion?

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As a leader in the creation of brand identity and digital design, Ramotion goes from strength to strength. Find out more about them here.

In an industry that is packed with design agencies who are looking to make their mark, Ramotion stands apart from the crowd. With a clear focus on brand identity, UI/UX, web design, app development and design systems, this company has enjoyed working with a number of well-known brands and has supported them to offer a better and more consistent message to their client base and their teams.

Ramotion opened in 2011 and registered their company in the US with a team that was distributed across the world. They currently have just over thirty employees and explain their small business as a deliberate decision. By staying small, they are able to offer a dedicated service to just a few businesses at a time, allowing them to keep their focus and attention on the clients they have rather than becoming too big that they lose their authenticity.

Creating Their Own Path

Ramotion has never been afraid to follow their own path and create a process that works for them and their clients. It is this independent nature that has helped them to garner the right attention and win some impressive clients. Possibly one of the biggest projects they have worked on was the Firefox brand which helped the company to redefine who they were for their people and their users. 

When they took on the redesign of the Firefox brand, they had five key challenges to overcome:

  • Saving loyal users and taking them over to the new brand
  • Enticing new users and gaining their trust
  • Reduce outgoings and maximise time when releasing new products and services
  • Sharing the news about change with their existing client base
  • Raise the level of motivation within the Firefox team and excite them about the changes.

They started with a broad remit as Firefox were not at a point where they were ready to specify how many products they wanted to offer nor how they wanted to scale their company. Over a period of time, the Ramotion team worked collaboratively with Firebox to create the brand that we see today.

Other Companies Ramotion Have Worked With

Ramotion have a string of other high-profile brands on their client list and have offered a number of different design services to support their progress. We took a look at a few of these companies.


Descript is a well-known tool that allows users to transcribe both audio and video with ease. The company got in touch with Ramotion and asked them to work on the introduction of the app to the App store and to a wider web-based audience. To do this, Ramotion created their logo, their app icons, their marketing website and its visual brand identity – the result was a brand that looked as good as it worked. Ramotion continues to support Descript with the marketing website, and the company has gone from strength to strength.


Bitmoji started life as Bitstrips and decided that they wanted to evolve their brand with the support of Ramotion. The challenge they set the design agency was to maintain the inner core of the company and the familiarity for their client base whilst breathing new life into the brand, ready for a relaunch. By creating a new logo and icon, Ramotion gave Bitmoji the power to extend their new design across every aspect of their brand so that users would instantly recognise them and feel comfortable with using them. After the launch, Bitmoji went on to be featured by Apple and has become an internationally recognised brand.

Ramotion Continue to Evolve

As Ramotion continue to work with startups, SMEs and Enterprises, they continue to evolve the way they work and the results they produce so that their clients can enjoy the originality they bring to each project. When you consider that they released the Turntable app back in 2011 that was featured on USA Today, it was clear that they were always going to be a big deal design agency with a small team of dedicated experts.