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Different Treadmill Types and Configurations One Must Know About

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If you’ve been thinking about buying a treadmill, whether for yourself or someone else, there are several things to know about Treadmills that will be beneficial to you. Many consumers choose to walk, jog, run or cycle on a treadmill, as there are many health and fitness benefits to doing so. Below are 6 things to know about Treadmill Types and Configurations that are important to know before choosing a treadmill, both for home use and in the gym.

When you’re considering purchasing a treadmill, you’ll need to decide which type is right for you. There are basically two types of treadmills, manual and motorized. Manual treadmills are those that require you to push the deck or frame forward with your feet, and this pushes the treadmill wheels or the belt across the floor. The benefit to a manual treadmill is that it’s easier to keep from running out of gas, which can happen if you’re using a motorized treadmill. It also requires more physical effort, which may not be a problem for some people, but if you’re used to walking, running or jogging on a regular basis, you may find yourself getting bored with a manual treadmill.

If you’re thinking about a motorized treadmill, you’ll notice there is a delay in the actual start up of the machine. The motorized treadmill starts with a much greater speed and takes less time to get up to speed. In general, a motorized treadmill is used for commercial gyms, or by athletes training for marathons. It is not recommended for everyone, especially if you suffer from foot problems or heart issues. Before purchasing one, be sure to check out reviews of each model you’re considering.

The next type of treadmill you should know about are the stair stepper treadmills. These treadmills have a number of positions you can change the direction of the walking surface, which allows you to go up and down several flights of stairs without stopping. Because the stair stepper has so many positions to change the direction of the walking surface, it is perfect for people who are challenged or people who have trouble moving up and down stairs. If you are looking for a treadmill to use in a gym environment or to exercise at home, then a stair stepper may not be the best option for you. However, if you want to exercise in comfort and in your own home, then a stair stepper may be a good choice for you.

Last but certainly not least, is the treadmill with a cushion. Treadmills are great for increasing your cardio-vascular activity. However, if you have problems with motion or mobility, a cushion can also make exercising more comfortable so that you can maintain or even add more intensity to your workout. You can find cushion treadmills in all different price ranges. While they aren’t as common as the other options, they are still available and some people prefer them over other options.

Knowing what your needs are before you shop can help you narrow down the types of treadmill you’re interested in buying. For example, stair steppers have many different settings and features. Some of these features include incline and decline workouts. Some also feature pre-set programs. All of these features are great if you’re just looking for a simple treadmill that can get you on your way to a healthy, aerobic workout.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a full-body workout with more than just running, you may want to consider a multi-purpose treadmill. Multi-purpose treadmills are designed to give you a complete workout. Features such as an incline or heart-rate monitor, safety stops, and even intervals are standard. Because they’re used often, multi-purpose treadmills tend to be more expensive than the other models.

Of course, no matter what treadmill you choose, you need to know which features you’re going for. The information you find at treadmill sellers’ websites will help you figure out which treadmill is right for your needs. But don’t rely solely on the information offered there. Consider asking others who have treadmills for sale or who own treadmills for yourself. Even if they tell you what they think of a particular model, you might still have better luck buying it based on the information you get from other users.