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Who Can Visit New Zealand Right Now?

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Many people have heard about this distant country. However, most tourists are familiar with New Zealand only through documentaries, saw its unreal nature beauty in “The Hobbit”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and other Hollywood films.

But are these exotic islands worth it to spend more than a day on the air from your home, and changing from plane to plane at transfer airports? Also not quite clear, what do tourists need to visit this country, and do they need a visa?

Natvisa will try to understand all the subtleties of planning a trip to New Zealand:

Who will be interested in visiting New Zealand?

Tourists who have visited “Aotearoa” – the Land of Long White Clouds (the island state has such a poetic name), assure that everyone can find a use for their skills, and the most terrible test is the inevitability of departure.

A holiday in New Zealand is suitable if you:

I- A fan of active and extreme leisure. Only in New Zealand, you can swim in the warm seawater, surf freely, go skiing or snowboarding, take a kayak or sailboat ride, jump with a parachute, and even become a caver in almost the same place. And all this set of entertainment is available within a radius of 150 kilometers.

  • Love the pristine wildlife.

Local forests surprise travelers with an unreal variety of plant life, and the most unique representatives of the local flora are, perhaps, the nikau palm and kauri-the oldest species of coniferous trees. Only in New Zealand, there is a kiwi-a small bird that has become a real symbol of the country.

  • You gravitate to the local culture.

When James Cook arrived in New Zealand in the mid-18th century, its territory was settled by the Maori aborigines. Since then, the country has developed into a unique blend of cultures in the South Pacific, and the Maori continue to be an inseparable part of it. New Zealand has an amazing ethnic diversity, which you can get acquainted with just by looking at a cafe or restaurant in Auckland.

  • Love the mild climate.

New Zealand has a temperate climate. Any time of the year in New Zealand offers travelers countless entertainment opportunities. So, the Cardrona Valley is transformed from a major ski resort in winter to a great place for mountain biking in summer. Arrowtown is famous for its fall festival. And, of course, summer is the best time for a perfect vacation on any of the many beaches in the country.

What do you need to visit New Zealand in 2021?

Foreign citizens, wishing to visit New Zealand in 2021 must obtain a visa if they do not:

  • are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • is a citizen of one of the 60 countries and territories that have the right to refuse a visa
  • have the citizenship of one of the countries with which the agreement on visa-free entry is concluded.

Tourist visa.

A person who has decided to see the sights or visit a long-time friend, relative, is issued just such a New Zealand visa. It does not give a person who has received such a visa the right to work. This rule applies to any activities that will help you make a profit in the territory of the country you visited.

Here is the list of documents required for visa processing:

  • A valid passport. Remember – it has an expiration date, after which the document will need to be changed. This should be monitored constantly because an unscheduled replacement of a foreign passport can lead to the disruption of important trips.
  • In addition to the original passport, you will need to provide a photocopy of its first page.
  • Two color photos (35 by 45 millimeters). Choose a light background for the photo, preferably white.
  • Visa application form. You can find it at
  • Documents that guarantee your departure at the time that is scheduled. Round-trip tickets or their reservations are sent directly from the New Zealand sponsorship letter.

Transit visa

This type of visa is issued if you do not plan to stay in New Zealand for a long time. A New Zealand transit visa is required, regardless of how long you intend to stay in the country.

In addition to your passport, photos, and a completed form, you will also need air tickets for the entire route of your trip.

Group visa

When visiting New Zealand with a group of five to fourteen people, you can get a group visa, which allows only a single stay in the country. It is only valid for 30 days.

Obtaining a group visa requires meeting several requirements:

  • Everyone should visit the country with the same intention, which is great for tourists or employees of the same company.
  • Everyone must enter and leave the country together, in the same way, on the same day.

Partner visa

For immigration of husbands, wives, or partners of residents of the kingdom, citizens officially residing in New Zealand, foreign employees, as well as graduate students who are trained in popular professions. The document allows you to legally stay in the state, get a job in any job, regardless of the specialty.

NZeTA (New Zealand Travel Authority).

NZeTA is electronic permission to visit New Zealand, which is a convenient way to visit this island nation.

This electronic document gives you the right to cross the border of New Zealand, avoiding the procedure for obtaining a standard visa. The period of stay in the island state under the NZeTA can be up to 3 months.

According to, the NZeTA is the easiest way to enter New Zealand, for eligible visitors.

The authorization process can take as little as 10 minutes. In some cases, it can take up to 72 hours (which is quite rare).

You can visit New Zealand on NZeTA for the following purposes:

  • sightseeing tour,
  • visiting family and/or friends,
  • participation in sports events.

What is not recommended to do in New Zealand:

  • exceed the speed limit – cameras are installed on all, even the most deserted roads;
  • talk on your mobile phone while driving;
  • go outside without using sunscreen (you can get burns) and without taking an umbrella;
  • trash: for items that are not thrown in the trash, you can get a decent fine;
  • smoking in places that are not designated for this purpose: for violation, a severe penalty is provided.