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Who is the Most Followed Musician on Instagram 2021?

Instagram is the parameter of popularity in the digital era. Anyone can steal the thunder with an enormous amount of following numbers on social media. As Instagram is counted as one of the most interacting social media platforms, people of every age feel comfortable here. Celebrities all over the world get to be in touch with the fans easily here. So, asking who’s the most followed Musician on Instagram has been one of the most popular questions. 

If you’re also a music lover or have an interest in knowing the most followed musician, here, you should give it a pause. Stop scrolling, and stick with us for exciting information.

Most followed musician on Instagram 2021

Recently a statistic got viral on the internet. Undoubtedly, a vast number of people wanted to know who is the most followed or famous musician now on Instagram. So, finally, the answer was relieved. In 2021, the most followed musician on Instagram is Ariana Grande.

Undoubtedly, there are other stunning musicians in the industry. Some of them are senior and have published more songs or albums than Ariana. They might have more fanbase, undoubtedly. But the Instagram following shows Ariana Grande holds the most followed account among all the musicians. 

Ariana Grande on Instagram

Ariana is now the most followed musician as well as most followed women on Instagram. A research of this January revealed this biggest news. Ariana is currently holding 219M followers on her official Instagram account. 

She has made a record of crossing 200M followers as a female on Instagram. Before her, last year’s statistics mentioned Salena Gomez was the most followed female musician on Instagram. But currently, Salena Gomez has 207 M people following her on Instagram. Ariana has coerced her follower record in 2021. 

Currently, Ariana Grande follows 720 people on Instagram. Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Nikki, Amanda Groman, and Billy Eichner are other musicians, followed by Ariana. Besides her friends in the industry, Arena follows the international brands and personas relating to the global entertainment industry.

Till now, Arena has posted above 4,756 pictures and videos on her account. She seems to post her recent work with brand promotions on the account. Besides, Arena regularly posts her pictures with relatable captions on her account. 

If you’re an Ariana fan, you can also follow this gorgeous singer for her regular life updates. She generally posts various days on her Instagram account to interact with her fans. But it’s a matter of sorrow that no super bowl halftime show performance was done by ariana grande.

Final Words

In the digital era, popularity gets decided by the follower numbers on Social media. Instagram is known as the most popular as well as interacting platforms. So, yearly research gets done on this social media platform. This year in 2021, Arena has been detached as the most followed female singer worldwide. Her popularity seems deserving of the fans. Her works worldwide and contributions to the international music industry can indeed get her more followers in 2022.