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Why Bluehost is the Best Service for Hosting WordPress

 WordPress and Bluehost simply go hand in hand. If you are a WordPress user you will be hard-pressed to find a hosting solution provider that is better equipped to handle your WordPress website’s hosting requirements on an on-going basis.

WordPress and Bluehost have a partnership whereby proprietary software and integrated resources and tools are shared to help make set up of hosting services a fast and easy to follow experience. WordPress recommends Bluehost WordPress hosting packages to all its customers for this exact reason as WordPress ready tools such as file manager, billing, domain management, account setting, and customer support are all inclusive in Bluehost’s continuously validated WordPress hosting deals. You can also check out WordPress hosting reviews.

Even though there are many reliable Bluehost alternatives available in the web hosting industry, Bluehost is by far the most popular hosting solution provider for those using the WordPress platform to develop a website. Not only do they integrate well with each other but also price wise as Bluehost is significantly cheaper than other options out there. Bluehost’s vouchers and coupons offer further discounts to new and existing customers looking for web hosting and domain registration services.

Using these vouchers and coupon codes one can get a WordPress hosting package for 75% off or as low as $2.95 per month which is an unbeatable price for web hosting services. Apart from the fantastic promos and deals offered by Bluehost in 2019 and their seamless integration with the WordPress platform Bluehost also has reputation and credibility to back them up. Being the leaders in the hosting service industry for over a decade now Bluehost has over 2 million websites that are being hosted by them a number that is growing every day.

Excellent customer service and 24/7 IT support are other major benefits that you get with going with a large company like Bluehost. The ability to troubleshoot issues whenever they arise and plenty of hosting options available offers customers a sense of comfort knowing that no matter what issue arises a team is always there on standby to take care of it. Managed and VPS hosting options allow customers the ability to easily upgrade to dedicated hosting packages to keep up with their websites growing hosting needs without having to look elsewhere.

Bluehost also has an extremely easy to use interface and sign-up takes less than a minute. The user friendly interface makes it easy for customers who are new to hosting and web development to pick up what needs to be done quickly and get the necessary help from the IT support team that is inclusive in the cost, unlike other providers. All of these factors contribute to making Bluehost the best service for hosting your website whether it be for WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting or dedicated hosting.

The price, quality of service and thousands of outstanding customer reviews are a testament to the fact that Bluehost is the best hosting provider for WordPress by a country mile. If you are looking for a dependable hosting solution provider that offers outclass service at affordable rates than Bluehost is the way to go!