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Why Choosing Bidsbee: a Comprehensive Review

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Bidsbee, a social crypto trading platform, invites experts and newbies to benefit from an extensive range of opportunities in the world of crypto. For beginners, there are tools to enable easy and low-risk entry into crypto trading. Experts can benefit from an extensive set of tools offered by the platform.


  • Tools for newbies and expert traders
  • Copy trading
  • Affordable pricing
  • An opportunity to test the platform for free
  • Trading with a virtual balance
  • Friendly and supportive community
  • Effective customer support
  • Plenty of educational materials
  • Trading bots
  • Trading signals
  • Excellent reviews 


  • A relatively new platform

Bidsbee Comprehensive Review: Functionality

The Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform offers all the needed tools and instruments for expert traders to earn in any market.

  • A trading terminal enables you to manage all your trading accounts on centralized exchanges in a single place. The terminal allows you to place all types of advanced orders and use a trailing function. Trading with futures is available, too.
  • A copy trading functionality allows you to generate an additional income source. You can register a public trader profile, and allow other traders to copy you for payment. The subscription fee you set up on your own. The more traders copy you, the more you earn. This way, you can not only earn but to create a community around you.
  • Training bots allow you to automate your trading strategy. With them, you can earn even if you are not at the computer. They are customizable and thus, you can adjust them perfectly to follow your trading strategy.
  • Trading signals will notify you whenever the right moment to buy or sell an asset comes. You can pick your favorite signals based on your subscription plan.
  • Trading with a virtual balance allows you to test your new trading strategy without risking real money. You can place all types of orders, and even if you lose, you lose virtual money only. 

For newbies, the following tools and functionalities are available.

  • Copy trading allows you to copy experienced traders (Master traders) and earn with them. Bidsbee has collected the best experts for copying, and you can pick one or several of them based on your requirements. You can allocate a specific sum to copy trading. With it, you make sure that you don’t spend more than you can afford. Also, you can set up limits to control your losses.
  • Trading signals allow you to be updated about the buy and sell events and benefit from them even if you are not following the market constantly.
  • Educational materials will teach you about the basics of trading and demonstrate how to use the platform.

If you prefer to be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you can discuss the latest events in the world of trading, share your experience, and get useful tips, you are invited to join the friendly Bidsbee platform community on Discord.

Bidsbee Pricing

Bidsbee users can benefit from very flexible and affordable pricing options. For those who haven’t used the platform yet, there is a free Basic plan. It allows you to test all the functionality of the platform without paying any subscription fees.

For those who prefer to benefit from the maximum of the available tools, there are paid plans. They are very affordable even for traders with a limited budget.

Is Bidsbee Legit?

The Bidsbee platform’s legitimacy is another question that may worry you. The platform is 100% legit and safe.

It offers non-custodial services which means that it doesn’t access your money. All your coins are protected by the safety of your CEX account. All Bidsbee does is enable you to trade through API keys, without depositing any of your funds to the platform.

The platform is audited by Hacken and thus, it is guaranteed that it is absolutely safe.

Shall You Choose Bidsbee?

The Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform aims to deliver its users top-quality services in an absolutely safe environment. All types of traders can benefit from the extended Bidsbee functionality. The platform doesn’t set any limits to start trading or for placing orders, all limits are set by a CEX where you have your account.

The platform offers multiple tools and functionalities so that any trader with any experience can benefit. The pricing is very affordable.

Bidsbee continues to develop, and the team adds new features constantly. The future functionality of the platform will be developed based on the long-term strategy, market needs, and requests of the community. With it, Bidsbee is going to ensure a sustainable future in the long term.